“The printing press released during the Covid will not solve the problems” – RT in French

“The printing press released during the Covid will not solve the problems” – RT in French
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The Yellow Vests mobilized on November 19 for the four years of the movement in a context of high inflation and the end of the rebate at the pump. RT France was able to interview several historical members of the movement, including Maxime Nicolle.

Hundreds of yellow vests marched from the Place de la Bourse to the Butte Montmartre in Paris on November 19, the date marking the four years of Act 1 of the movement, on Saturday November 17, 2018.

“Everything is increasing, the capitalist system is realizing that the money printing press that was released during Covid-19 is not going to solve the world’s problems and puts people in precariousness, again more than the one they were in before”, explained Maxime Nicolle, historic yellow vest, to RT France. For him, inflation now affects a “middle class” preserved so far, which “begins to be impacted” and understands why the yellow vests are “in the street”. “Nothing is getting better and this system that is sinking is taking us with it,” he said.

“The content of the petition I made in 2018 is also true in the current state of things, people can’t make ends meet,” said Priscillia Ludosky, who produced a petition. denouncing the rise in fuel prices, the success of which played a big role in launching the movement four years ago.

The forces of order present in number

Our journalist Nadège Abderrazak reported that clashes between demonstrators and the police had marred the mobilization. She also noted that the security device was particularly important, as is now the case “systematically” during the parades of yellow vests in the capital.

Often repressed, the Yellow Vests movement has persisted with varying degrees of mobilization during these four years. However, it eroded over time and was sealed off during the health crisis period.

Despite a context echoing the reasons that pushed these demonstrators into the streets, the mobilization of the Yellow Vests remains very modest compared to that of the unions, which seem to have regained the lead in challenging inflation: on November 10, under the he impetus of the CGT, 30,400 people had demonstrated throughout France, according to the Ministry of the Interior, and more than 100,000 according to the CGT.

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