US neo-Nazi describes crimes of Ukrainian ‘colleagues’ — RT World News

US neo-Nazi describes crimes of Ukrainian 'colleagues' — RT World News
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Kent ‘Boneface’ McLellan says Americans are misinformed about conflict in Ukraine and led to believe ‘Russia decides to bomb the f**k out of place for no reason’

Earlier this month, Juan Sinmiedo, who runs a popular Telegram channel documenting human rights abuses in Ukraine, posted an explosive interview with ‘Boneface’ – real name Kent McLellan – a 32-year-old neo-Nazi Florida native who joined the volunteer Fascist Right Sector Group during the Donbass War, and returned to fight alongside the Azov Battalion in January 2022.

The discussion with McLellan shatters many of the myths and lies that have been circulating about the Maidan coup, the current conflict in Ukraine, and the worryingly strong influence of nationalist movements in the country.

McLellan, the son of the frontman of neo-Nazi rock band Brutal Attack, became involved in far-right activism as a teenager and had numerous run-ins with the law for subversive activities racist in nature. He and other members of the racist organization American Front were arrested by the FBI in May 2012 for plotting terrorist acts against ethnic minorities in Florida.

It was this journey that led him to travel to Ukraine in 2014. The American fascist circles in which he moved had direct links and regular contact with nationalist groups at the forefront of the Maidan, which at the time organized major public events. “almost every day in all the oblasts that did not see war.” Just like far-right movements in many other neighboring countries, including Finland, Georgia and Latvia.

“In case the world wonders what happened to all the real skinheads. They all went to Ukraine,” McLellan said.

It appears that the US government approved the presence of McLellan and others in Ukraine at this time. He says he got caught – we don’t know by whom or what – teaching Ukrainians about DNS poisoning and Americans “wanted to sit down and help.”

Under The Wolfsangel: The Uncomfortable Truth About Radical Ideologies In Ukraine

“They didn’t want names or anything, but they wanted to monitor the situation. Without this support, I would have been charged with violation of [the] U.S. Neutrality Act, says McLellan.

Unpunished war crimes

In 2015, an absolutely gruesome video began circulating allegedly showing members of the Azov Battalion crucifying a Russian resident of eastern Ukraine, then placing the cross on which he was literally and bloodily nailed to the fire. Around the same time, another clip – titled “Kikes Takes the Rope” – featuring a hanged pregnant woman and her husband, has also proliferated online. It was claimed that the couple were Jews who had been lynched by Azov fighters.

Several Ukrainian and Western government-funded fact-checking websites, including neo-Nazi sympathizer StopFake, said the images were fraudulent, and did so again in chorus when the gruesome images resurfaced after Feb. 24. .

The Azov Battalion also repeatedly denied that its fighters were responsible for any of these heinous acts, although their defense was unconvincing. It was simply claimed that the Azov logo on the uniforms of the murderers was “Much bigger than it should be.”

McLellan’s testimony confirms that these videos are real. He actually features in the crucifixion footage and took photos of Tornado fighters posing with the dead bodies of the hanged couple. Although the couple weren’t actually Jewish, and their ritual murder was too extreme even for his violent tastes – “I would not have supported such an action” he says.

On Tornado, McLellan refers to the fascist paramilitary battalion as “by far the most horrible thing I have ever seen or experienced in my life.”

The Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Azov Battalion Has Built A

Investigations by Western rights groups have concluded that Tornado inflicted absolutely brutal torture on captured separatist fighters and innocent civilians in Donbass. Prisoners were stripped naked, held in basements, and electric shocks applied to their genitals and other body parts. Some detainees were forced to rape themselves on pain of death.

McLellan was involved in some of Tornado’s savage attacks “interrogations” and suggests that “the treatment of these people is the same with the Russians, I suppose,” in reference to soldiers captured since February 24. A number of Tornado fighters were eventually imprisoned by the Ukrainian government for their actions. Despite their criminal records – including child rape, torture and the cold-blooded murder of civilians – they have somehow avoided war crimes charges and generally received light sentences.

For example, the battalion’s founder, Ruslan Onishenko, a sadistic pedophile, only received 11 years in prison in 2017. He is one of several Tornado fighters released from prison by President Vladimir Zelensky since the beginning of the conflict, and sent to fight in the “hot spots”.

two different wars

Upon his return to Ukraine earlier this year, Boneface enlisted in the Azov Battalion and soon became involved in the struggle for Mariupol, which earned him witness “a lot of heinous bullshit.”

He describes the early stages of the battle as “a lot of shooting on absolutely nothing, and a lot of soldiers not knowing what to do”, and he felt that the citizens of Mariupol “were strongly divided on a pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian position.” Meanwhile, McLennan alleges, Azov was in talks with the CIA and the Pentagon, which “carried out intelligence operations there during the war.”

He is “American interference in Ukraine” that caused the invasion of Russia, McLennan believes. Without considering Russia as “the victim”, he admits that the country was provoked by kyiv and the West. He is very critical of his compatriots for not knowing that places like Ossetia exist, or the invasion of Georgia.

They just think that Russia decides to bomb fucking places for no reason”, McLennan said.

Boneface was returned to the United States “on demand” after officers of the Ukrainian security services were arrested planning to kill him in a kyiv hospital. He continues to support Azov “to the max,” but he supports neither the EU nor NATO, and thinks that if the latter were to get involved in the conflict, “there will be nothing for a nationalist worth fighting for.” McLennan says “there was a massive celebration when Ukraine was turned down for NATO.”

For him, this reflects how the conflict in Ukraine is actually two wars – the one the nationalists are fighting, and the one the state is fighting, and both are “Completely different.” He predicts that Azov and other nationalist groups will be thrown under the bus by Kyiv in the future, “once their usefulness to the NATO regime has been exhausted.”

Echoing the words of the assassinated leader of the Right Sector, “We are not finished yet, in the Maidan.” McLennan concludes by saying, “I would like to see Russia go home, and while the government in Kyiv is fragile, another [Maidan] revolution.”


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