A man allegedly smoked crack on the New York subway

A man allegedly smoked crack on the New York subway
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A man reportedly smoked crack on the New York City subway as others stared at him in disbelief or tried to avoid him.

The man, dressed in blue pants and a blue t-shirt, shouted as he held what appeared to be a glass pipe to his mouth, the New York Post reported on Saturday regarding the clip taken on an uptown train in October.

A passenger next to him sat down quietly but as the man approached the doors, another biker to his left moved further away, according to the video posted on Instagram:

“This shouldn’t happen on the train. It’s just crazy,” said Mine Bah, a Bronx Community College student who posted the video on his profile called Malcolmx_2. He also told the outlet that a friend recorded the scene.

Social media users commented Posts story, person writing“Only in Democratic NYC.”

“Unfortunately, it’s a daily occurrence thanks to woke progressive politicians. Elected officials are more concerned about bike lanes than quality of life in New York City,” another commented.

“But no crime problems in New York. Nothing to see here”, yet another replied.

Crime in New York has increased over the past year, but New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) said the data did not show bail reform was the problem, Breitbart News reported. November 5:

Recent crime statistics from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) show that since the start of the year, rape has increased by 10.9%, theft by 32.4%, burglary by 29.1% and robbery 38.5%.

During a Friday interview on CNN, Hochul claimed that “the data does not show” that bail reform is causing an increase in crime, and “there are individual cases, but compared to the pre -pandemic and when it was passed, I don’t think there’s a real disparity.

In September, White House officials tried to downplay President Joe Biden (D)’s responsibility for the crime wave sweeping the country, calling the issue “complicated.”

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