Biden pardons Chocolate and Chip Thanksgiving turkeys, while mocking Republicans

Biden pardons Chocolate and Chip Thanksgiving turkeys, while mocking Republicans
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Biden says ‘only red wave to come is when Commander spills cranberry sauce’ as he forgives Chocolate and Chip turkeys: President mocks Republicans, tells Hunter’s son Beau ‘don’t jump ” from the balcony of the White House and promises not to “swallow” time

  • President Joe Biden on Monday pardoned two Thanksgiving turkeys, named Chocolate and Chip
  • Biden promised a brief speech on such a cold day. “Nobody likes when their turkey gets cold,” he said.
  • His remarks were punctuated by the occasional guzzling of turkeys and the barking of his dog Commander
  • The German shepherd was exiled to the balcony of the portico for fear that he would pursue the guests of honor




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President Joe Biden pardoned two Thanksgiving turkeys at the White House on Monday with a pun-filled speech in which he promised there had been no “poultry game” and that the only “red wave This year would be if his dog Commander spilled the cranberry sauce.

“It’s a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition here at the White House. There’s a lot to say about that, but it’s cold outside, so I’ll be brief,” he said to rapturous applause.

“Nobody likes when their turkey gets cold.”

His words were sometimes interrupted by the chasms of turkeys and the barking of the commander, exiled to the balcony of the south portico for fear that he would hunt the turkeys.

Biden’s son Hunter and grandson Beau watched as the president delivered the ceremonial pardon.

President Joe Biden Also Pardoned The Turkeys, Chocolate And Chip, Monday At The White House.  He Gave A Speech Full Of Puns And Promised Not To 'Gobble Up Time'

President Joe Biden also pardoned the turkeys, Chocolate and Chip, Monday at the White House. He gave a speech full of puns and promised not to ‘gobble up time’

Hunter Biden And His Son Beau Inspected The Two National Thanksgiving Turkeys, Before They Were Pardoned On The South Lawn Of The White House Monday Morning In Front Of A Large Audience.

Hunter Biden and his son Beau inspected the two national Thanksgiving turkeys, before they were pardoned on the South Lawn of the White House Monday morning in front of a large audience.

Chocolate And Chip Had Their Portraits Taken By Photographers In The Rose Garden Ahead Of Their Big Tv Moment

Chocolate and Chip had their portraits taken by photographers in the Rose Garden ahead of their big TV moment

Biden's Dog, The Commander, Was Not Allowed To Join The Party For Fear He Would Chase The Guests Of Honor.  He Watched The Proceedings Carefully And Barked Frequently, Sometimes Overshadowing The President On Monday Mornings.

Biden’s dog, the commander, was not allowed to join the party for fear he would chase the guests of honor. He watched the proceedings carefully and barked frequently, sometimes overshadowing the president on Monday mornings.

Biden Promised To Keep Things Brief Because It Was A Chilly Day On The South Lawn, Saying:

Biden vowed to keep things brief because it was a chilly day on the South Lawn, saying, ‘Nobody likes when their turkey gets cold’

“That’s my grandson Beau up there and my granddaughter,” Biden said, spotting them on the balcony above. Don’t let him jump.

Biden also took the opportunity to mock Republicans after his party performed better than expected midterm results.

“First of all, voter ID cards were counted, checked,” he said.

“There’s no ballot stuffing, there’s no poultry game, the only red wave this season will be a German Shepherd Commander spilling cranberry sauce on our table.”

Attendees were entertained with a poultry-themed playlist ahead of the ceremony, including Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird.

Americans Are Set To Spend $64.05 On A Thanksgiving Meal For 10 People, 20% More Than Last Year, As Prices For Almost All Foods Have Risen

Americans are set to spend $64.05 on a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people, 20% more than last year, as prices for almost all foods have risen

It's By Far The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Meal Since The American Farm Bureau Federation Launched Its Annual Survey

It’s by far the most expensive Thanksgiving meal since the American Farm Bureau Federation launched its annual survey

The turkey may have been pardoned, but families have not been shy this year as they count the cost of rising prices.

The cost of a full Thanksgiving meal for 10 people will be 20% higher than last year.

In 2021, Americans paid an average of $53.31 for holiday dinner, but now the meal, with all the trimmings included, will cost up to $64.05, according to the latest survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation. (AFBF).

The increase comes as the price of stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin pies and almost all the usual Thanksgiving treats soar as inflation remains stubbornly high at 7.7%.

However, the biggest cost increase comes from the must-have turkey, with the centerpiece now costing around $28.96, or $1.81 a pound.


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