Budweiser crates fill warehouse due to World Cup ban

Budweiser crates fill warehouse due to World Cup ban
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Qatar and FIFA originally planned to allow beer sales at World Cup stadiums, but reversed that decision.

Now an entire warehouse has been left with piles of beer cans, according to recent reports.

“The decision is a surprising turnaround just two days before the games kick off in the strict Sharia-governed Muslim nation,” said a Breitbart News article on Thursday, adding that FIFA had contracted with Budweiser to provide the drink.

“Disgust over beer sales became evident when just days ago the Qatari royal family asked World Cup organizers to change the placement plan for beer tents erected around the stadium. and to make a best effort to conceal them so that they are not easy to find,” the outlet said.

According to Outkick, the only attendees allowed to drink alcohol will be those enjoying the event from inside expensive suites.

In a social media post Saturday, Budweiser share an image of what appeared to be the beer originally intended for fans.

“New day, new tweet. Winning country gets the buds. Who gets them? the company said:

In June, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) claimed that the World Cup to be held in Qatar would be “a celebration of unity and diversity”, Breitbart News reported, adding that the statement came “after years of accusations of atrocities against human rights in the country”. including forced labor used to build football facilities.

As football fans prepared to enjoy the World Cup in Qatar, warnings were issued about elements that could cause them to be arrested during matches in the Muslim country, the news outlet said on November 14.

One example came from UK officials who shared a list of items fans should leave at home, such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, pork products and religious books.

“Provocative clothing and open expressions of intimacy and gay pride are also prohibited,” the Breitbart News article said.

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