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Tony Danker, the director general of the CBI.
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UK won’t ease immigration barriers to address skills shortages, says Jenrick

Tony Danker, the director general of the CBI, may not be asking for a Swiss-style Brexit deal, but he wants more immigration. In his interview on the Today programme, he said the government should expand the list of shortage occupations – the list of jobs for which foreigners can easily obtain work visas, as employers cannot find Britons for them. provide. He said today:

When you look at the OBR report on Thursday, they said the only thing that really drove growth forward was allowing a little more immigration.

The reason this is so important is that we have literally over a million vacancies in this country, we have 600,000 people who are now long-term sick, who are not coming back to the job anytime soon. labor market.

That’s why we need to get this list of occupations in short supply – the list of people we’re really missing who we’re not going to get in Britain anytime soon – and we need to get them to fill the gap while we are recalibrating the labor market in the medium term.

I’m afraid it’s one of those levers that helps you grow, that doesn’t cost money, but I recognize that it’s a tough political choice for conservative politicians.

But Robert Jerick, the immigration minister, who was doing the morning interviews for No 10, said the government disagreed. Like my colleague Walker Stone reports, Jenrick said the government was still committed to reducing net migration.

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CBI chief Tony Danker joins Brexit Tories in saying government should not seek Swiss-style Brexit deal

Hello. Rishi Sunak addresses the CBI conference this morning, where it is normal for prime ministers to take questions after delivering their speeches. Sunak will probably be asked about yesterday’s report in the Sunday Times which started with the intro:

Senior government officials are considering putting Britain on the path to a Swiss-style relationship with the European Union.

The report is now denied, but you might have assumed it would have been welcomed by the CBI, which was strongly opposed to Brexit in 2016 and continues to claim that the way Brexit was implemented is detrimental to businesses. But even the CBI is not calling for a Swiss-style Brexit deal. Tony Danker, the chief executive of the CBI, joined many Tory Brexiteers who reacted with concern to yesterday’s story by saying the government should not aim for a Swiss-style deal. He told the Today show this morning:

I’m a bit puzzled about anything Swiss. It took them about 40 years to come up with the Swiss arrangement. Currently, we are not even applying the Boris agreement. Let’s implement Boris’ Brexit deal, which still has some growth, by the way, everything is frozen, and forget about the Swiss discussion for now.

When asked if a Swiss-style Brexit deal would be a betrayal of Brexit, Danker replied:

All I want is to implement Boris’ deal. Currently, we are not applying the Boris agreement. We are at an impasse because of the Northern Ireland protocol. There is a lot of freezing of our scientific relations, of the recognition of our qualifications, of easier travel across Europe. These things will give us some growth. But the Europeans and the British government have to sit around the table and resolve the protocol.

There’s a landing zone there. If we complete the protocol agreement, we will start to open up some of these other economic benefits of the Boris trade deal.

Danker speaks at the CBI conference just before Sunak. As my colleague Graeme Wearden reports on his corporate live blog, Danker will claim that last week’s fall statement did not contain a plan for growth.

Here is the program for the day.

10:15 a.m.: Rishi Sunak speaks at the CBI conference in Birmingham.

11.30am: Downing Street holds a lobby briefing.

2.30pm: Michael Gove, the leveling secretary, answers questions in the Commons.

4:15 p.m.: Gove testifies before the House of Commons Upgrades Committee.

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Tony Danker, the director general of the CBI. Photography: Tayfun Salci/Zuma Press Wire/Rex/Shutterstock

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