Despite reactivating his account, Trump “sees no reason” to return to Twitter – RT in French

Despite reactivating his account, Trump “sees no reason” to return to Twitter – RT in French
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Despite Elon Musk’s decision to rehabilitate him on Twitter, Donald Trump has announced that he does not wish to return to the platform for the time being. The former US president said he would stick to his own, Truth Media.

After 22 months of exclusion from Twitter, Donald Trump is reluctant to reuse his account. “I don’t see any reason for that,” he said as he took part in the annual meeting of leaders of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

On November 19, following a 51.8% favorable poll, Elon Musk raised Donald Trump from the digital dead. “The people have spoken”, tweeted the director of Tesla to announce this return. But for the former American president, who spoke before the outcome of the vote, Twitter has “a lot of problems”. And he deplored the presence on this social network of many “false accounts”.

Donald Trump loyal to his media

He also insisted that his new network, Truth Social, is doing “phenomenaly well” and has already promised to stay on the site, where he has nearly 5 million subscribers, a figure much lower than the 87 million that he currently accumulates on Twitter.

The former US president was ousted from the platform – as well as from Facebook, Instagram and most other social media – on January 8, 2021, two days after the Capitol assault. His tweet most recent date of the same day. He announces that he will not attend the inauguration of new President Joe Biden.

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