England &c won’t wear LGBT armbands in Islamist Qatar

England &c won't wear LGBT armbands in Islamist Qatar
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A large cohort of European nations have announced that they are giving up seeing their players wear pro-LGBT armbands in Islamist Qatar during the World Cup.

The national football associations of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland have all backed down from their promise to require their team captains to wear pro armbands -LGBT during the World Cup, which takes place in the Islamic State. from Qatar.

While many Western pundits and nations have expressed outrage that the sports competition is taking place in the Middle Eastern state for issues not limited to extreme homophobia and allegations of slavery, these protests are so far fallen flat, with the Qatari government showing no signs of backing down on its own Islamist agenda during the competition.

This trend of the woke West not imposing its values ​​on the outside appeared to have continued on Monday, with UK broadcaster Sky Sports reporting that a coalition of European nations were backing down in their campaign to push for more LGBT rights while while playing football in Qatar.

While the seven nations had planned to have their team captains wear ‘One Love’ rainbow armbands during the competition, threats from football’s world governing body Fifa appear to have set the plan in motion. to execution.

“Fifa has been very clear that they will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear the armbands on the pitch,” a statement said. statement of the seven nations would have read.

“As national federations we cannot put players in a position where they could face sporting sanctions, including bookings, so we have asked captains not to attempt to wear the armbands during football matches. FIFA World Cup,” he continued.

The national authorities went on to say they were “very frustrated” by Fifa’s decision to clamp down on the wearing of the armband, but admitted that they would now have to find “other means” to “show their support”.

The announcement marks another cultural victory for Islamist Qatar, as the nation has so far ignored concerns expressed by the woke West about the competition.

For example, while initially agreeing to allow the large-scale sale of certain alcoholic products — namely Budweiser — for the duration of the tournament, the Qatari government announced at the last minute that it would primarily ban the general sale alcoholic beer in sports stadiums hosting the World Cup Games.

Such a reversal appears to have significantly dampened a deal Fifa had struck with the Budweiser brand, with Forbes speculating that the beer’s parent company may view its failure to sell alcoholic products throughout the tournament as a breach of contract on behalf of FIFA.

Nonetheless, Fifa has in fact defended the plan, with the organization’s president saying fans will “survive” without easy access to alcohol.

Meanwhile, the football body has been quick to attack any criticism of Qatar as being motivated by some kind of “racism”, alleging in particular that complaints against the Islamic state’s abysmal human rights record man are “pure hypocrisy”.

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