In China, stray dogs are poisoned with tuberculosis drugs

In China, stray dogs are poisoned with tuberculosis drugs
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Stray dogs in China poisoned by tuberculosis drugs. Representative Image/AP

Beijing: Recently, a lot of content has started appearing on the Chinese internet about killing stray dogs with poison. The authors use isoniazid, which is harmless to humans but highly toxic to dogs.

For the uninitiated, isoniazid is a human tuberculosis drug; it has a narrow headroom for dogs and cats. When accidentally ingested by dogs, it can cause serious clinical signs, including vomiting, hypersalivation, diarrhea, convulsions, and even death.

Recently, a Twitter account called The great movement of translation shared that a number of pet dogs are killed using isoniazid. The tweet is accompanied by an image recounting a person’s confession where the abuser says that the more people send him private messages of abuse, the more detailed the person will be to take down more strays.

The person adds that the more people break down over his act, he enjoys seeing their incompetent rage and the more they cry and break down emotionally, the happier he is.

According to the person, isoniazid is very good for poisoning dogs because the effective dose is just low, non-toxic and safe for humans.

The person said administering the poison to dogs is also easy since you just have to stuff it in a hollowed-out ham before giving it to the dog.

China’s love-hate relationship with dogs is nothing new, however. In 2018, too many reports emerged that the wave of poisonings was part of a series of attacks targeting dogs, indicating that the problem is compounded by the fact that there is no specific statute law against cruelty to animals, although the legislation was first proposed in 2009.

China’s relationship with dogs is even more problematic given that even in 2016, rabies caused 644 deaths in China. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that dog owners who do not leash their dogs while walking them are punished, but it also does not mean that those who attempt to poison dogs in communities can escape the punishment.

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