Jewish groups unhappy with treatment of World Cup in Qatar – media – RT Sport News

Jewish groups unhappy with treatment of World Cup in Qatar – media – RT Sport News
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Just days after an about-face over serving alcohol in and around stadiums throughout the World Cup in Qatar, it has been claimed that Qatari authorities have withdrawn plans to allow the preparation and sale of kosher food for cooks as well as restricting the worship of Jewish prayer. in the deeply conservative Muslim nation.

More than 10,000 Jews are expected to arrive in Qatar throughout the FIFA World Cup, but according to The Jerusalem Post, followers of Judaism will face an uphill struggle to follow the tenets of their faith throughout the tournament. .

We were promised to be allowed to create prayer spaces so that religious Jews who came to see the games would have a place of worship.the publication quoted an unnamed representative of a Jewish organization as saying.

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We were recently told that they were banning places of worship for Jews because they couldn’t secure them.”

It was also claimed that Jews would not be able to purchase cooked kosher food throughout the tournament despite earlier claims that it would be available to visitors.

Many Jews observe the rules of the Jewish faith which dictate how food should be prepared and considered safe to eat, with a specially trained person known as a Schochet supervising the slaughter of animals.

They were promised to be able to cook kosher food, including kosher meat, but so far they have only been allowed to sell cold bagel sandwiches.the source added to The Jerusalem Post.

There is no kosher food, there are no Shabbat meals and no public prayer services“said another.

It has also been claimed that Qatar’s claims of inclusivity throughout the tournament ring hollow.

They [said they] would separate religion from sport, so how come greater Qatar doesn’t know how to secure Jewish worshipers?“added the source.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which officially kicked off on Sunday, has been accompanied by accusations of corruption, as well as alleged abuse of migrant workers and discrimination against LGBTQ people.

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