Rapper Blueface pulls a gun on a vehicle, arrested by plainclothes police

Rapper Blueface pulls a gun on a vehicle, arrested by plainclothes police
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Rapper Blueface was arrested on Tuesday for attempted murder in Las Vegas, Nevada, after allegedly shooting a gun at a man in a vehicle last month.

Legal documents related to the warrant reveal that Blueface was charged with the felony of attempted murder with the use of a deadly firearm and discharging a firearm into a home, building, vehicle or device. , according to a report from TMZ.

The outlet also obtained video footage of both incidents: the alleged Oct. 8 shooting, as well as Blueface’s surprise arrest by secret police on Tuesday.

In video of the shooting, the “Stop Cappin” rapper and his entourage can be seen outside a Las Vegas club when a truck suddenly stops. Blueface then allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the driver multiple times as he sped away.

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Sources tell TMZ that the unidentified driver of the truck entered the club earlier in the night and the “Obama” rapper’s friends – who were believed to be drinking – attacked him.

Although it is still unclear what sparked the altercation, Blueface was not directly involved in the fight inside the club, the sources said, adding that the man retired in his truck after the fight inside the club, only to arrest the rapper and his entourage as they left.

As he pulled up in his truck, the man reportedly asked, “Who hit me?” and that’s when the shots rang out. Next, the truck is seen driving away.

Video of Blueface’s arrest on Tuesday shows undercover officers arriving at a location where the “Holy Moly” rapper would still be seen hanging out, slamming him against a wall, handcuffing him, then dragging him away from the stage.

“They released Blueface here, bruh,” an apparent fan can be heard saying in a video from inside his car, filming the rapper, who can be seen sitting on a bench.

“They stole it,” the fan said as he watched the undercover officers slam Blueface against a wall, seemingly unaware that they were undercover cops.

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The “Stay Dangerous” rapper’s arrest came as onlookers stood nearby in shock and dismay.

“It’s Blueface,” one person can be heard saying in another music video. “The undercover cops just arrested him. They got it. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s Blueface right there – they just got his ass and threw him on the floor.

In another video clip of Blueface’s arrest, a woman can be heard saying, “What’s up guys? He is always there. What’s wrong?” to which a man responds, “They told me he had a warrant.”

“Yeah, but he’s still here,” the woman reiterated, to which the man replied, “I know that. It’s ridiculous. It’s bullshit.”

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In another video shared by TMZ, Blueface’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock reacted to people who allegedly suggested she break up with the “B!TCH#S” rapper now that he’s been arrested by giving them the middle finger. , adding, “The n**** never left me when I walked in.

“Stop messing with me, everyone who keeps saying it’s time to go. What the fuck are you talking about, girl? Stop playing around, the n**** never left me when I walked in,” she said.

“I’m going to court tomorrow, and that’s all that matters,” Rock added. ” He’s going home. I don’t know what you all are talking about.

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In August, Blueface was filmed fighting with Rock on the streets of Hollywood.

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