12th century church locked in a row with a ‘selfish’ neighbor who parks on the only road to

12th century church locked in a row with a 'selfish' neighbor who parks on the only road to
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A 12th-century church is embroiled in a row with a ‘selfish’ neighbor who continues to block access to other vehicles by parking his car in the only driveway, claiming it is a ‘danger for pedestrians”.

Vehicles struggled to access the Grade I listed St Wulfram’s Church in Grantham, Lincolnshire, as resident Peter Escreet parked his Land Rover in the only path to it.

Deliveries for this year’s Christmas Tree Festival are hampered by the current row, as vans cannot enter the path to drop off the trees.

The 842-year-old Anglican Church said the lane provided access to residents for almost a thousand years until Mr Escreet began parking in the path.

A Former Ccp Candidate Used His Car To Block The Only Path To St Wulfram's Church In Grantham, Lincolnshire

A former CCP candidate used his car to block the only path to St Wulfram’s Church in Grantham, Lincolnshire

Peter Escreet Lives In Church Trees House Which Overlooks The Path To The Church And Has Parked His Land Rover In The Lane

Peter Escreet lives in Church Trees House which overlooks the path to the church and has parked his Land Rover in the lane

Mr Escreet, Who Was A Candidate For Reform Uk In The Lincolnshire Ccp Election, Said That

Mr Escreet, who was a candidate for Reform UK in the Lincolnshire CCP election, said ‘the rules of the road say you must not drive on a footpath, it does not say you cannot park on a path”

But Mr Escreet, who stood as a UK Reform candidate in the Licolnshire CCP election in 2021, complained about vehicles using the footpath as he believes it poses a ‘hazard to pedestrians’.

Melanie Brown, operations and development manager at St Wulfram’s Church, described Mr Escreet’s actions as ‘not very public’.

She added: “We have almost 150 trees coming. We have people with disabilities, people with strollers, community groups and how will they get in?

“We have been on this site for 1,000 years and have always had access to it.

‘[The tree festival] is supposed to be a community event and that makes it very difficult just because of someone else’s selfishness.

Moving company Tilley’s attempted to deliver an 18ft tree to the church on Friday, but problems arose when Mr Escreet’s car was parked in the driveway.

Kevin Tilley, Owner Of The Moving Company Tilley's, Was Unable To Deliver A Christmas Tree To The Church Due To The Roadblock

Kevin Tilley, owner of the moving company Tilley’s, was unable to deliver a Christmas tree to the church due to the roadblock

The Church Has Struggled To Hold Its Fifth Christmas Tree Festival, Due To Be Held This Week, As It Has Been Unable To Receive Deliveries

The church has struggled to hold its fifth Christmas Tree Festival, due to be held this week, as it has been unable to receive deliveries

Kevin Tilley, owner of Tilley’s, said: “We were waiting to hope the car would move, but it didn’t. We knocked on the door and no one answered.

‘I do not know how [Mr Escreet] may assume it’s okay to put their vehicle there, but no one else can.

‘What would happen in the event of an ambulance, funeral or wedding?’

Organizers have now had to send letters to event attendees regarding difficulties accessing the church.

Mr Escreet lives in Church Trees House, which overlooks the path to the church and insists on parking his car on the only route vehicles can take to access it.

Mr Escreet Said The Route Is A Footpath And Traffic Laws Direct Cars Not To Use The Footpaths

Mr Escreet said the route is a footpath and traffic laws direct cars not to use the footpaths

The Resident, Who Stood For Lincolnshire Pcc Election In 2021, Had To Pay Nearly £900 To Repair The Damage To The Path

The resident, who stood for Lincolnshire PCC election in 2021, had to pay nearly £900 to repair the damage to the path

Children Who Use The Path To Get To School And Residents Who Live In Homes On The Trail Are At Risk, Escreet Says

Children who use the path to get to school and residents who live in homes on the trail are at risk, Escreet says

He previously said that the driveway is a footpath and that under Highway Traffic Act Rule 145 “you must not drive on or over any kerb, footpath or a bridle path, except for lawful access to the property or in an emergency”.

He said: ‘It has nothing to do with me being unhappy. The Highway Code says you shouldn’t drive on a sidewalk, it doesn’t say you can’t park on a sidewalk.

“Vehicles using this trail pose a hazard to pedestrians and have caused thousands of pounds of damage to the trail.

“I spent nearly £900 fixing the path myself and spent time fixing the wall along the path where cars and lorries hit it.

“The Lincolnshire Highway Agency said they will only respond to damaged slabs with tarmac which will look awful.

“I have very rarely seen vehicles using the trail for years but recently we are seeing cars using it daily.

“Some walk up the path very quickly and not all walk up to church as we have seen parents using it to drop children off at primary school.

Mr Escreet Said He Also Spent Time Repairing The Wall Along The Path Which Had Been Damaged By Vehicles.

Mr Escreet said he also spent time repairing the wall along the path which had been damaged by vehicles.

Fr Stuart Cradduck, Rector Of St Wulfram's, Explained That

Fr Stuart Cradduck, rector of St Wulfram’s, explained that ‘the church is a living building, there will be traffic associated with its use’

The Church Is Still Planning To Hold The Christmas Tree Festival This Week From Thursday November 24 To Sunday November 27

The church is still planning to hold the Christmas Tree Festival this week from Thursday November 24 to Sunday November 27

“It can be dangerous as all the houses along Church Trees come out onto the trail and it’s only a matter of time before someone is hit by a passing car.

“We also have children who use the path daily to and from school, which also puts them at risk.

“Also worth noting that this is an historic part of Grantham and these old trails are not designed for vehicle use.”

But Fr Stuart Cradduck, rector of St Wulfram’s, responded by saying: “The church is a living building, there will be traffic associated with its use.”

A Lincolnshire County Council Highways spokesperson said: ‘Anyone driving along a restricted area is acting in breach of the law provided it is a footpath.

“This is fully enforceable by the police. We (LCC) have no enforcement powers, so this is a police matter.

“If it’s the church, it could well be a private access to private land.”

Lincolnshire Police were unable to comment as no incidents were reported to them.

The fifth St Wulfram Christmas Tree Festival is still scheduled to take place from Thursday 24th November to Sunday 27th November.

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