Driver who entered an Apple store is charged with reckless homicide and injuring 19 people

Driver who entered an Apple store is charged with reckless homicide and injuring 19 people
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The driver of the Toyota SUV that crashed into a Boston-area Apple store, killing a contractor, claims his foot got stuck on the accelerator and he couldn’t bring his car to a proper stop.

Bradley Rein, 53, of Natick, Mass., was taken into custody Monday night and charged Tuesday with reckless motor vehicle homicide and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

Court records show Rein told police at the scene that he was on his way to shops in Derby Street to have a lens in his glasses replaced on Monday morning when his right foot got stuck on the accelerator. He said he tried to use his left foot to pull him off the accelerator when he crashed into the building.

Rein also told investigators he did not use alcohol or drugs and tested negative for alcohol on his breath.

Witnesses say Rein entered the store at 60 mph, leaving a gaping hole in the glass facade of the Apple store in Hingham, Massachusetts and numerous victims with life-threatening injuries.

He was only able to stop after crashing into the back wall of the store, leaving him with structural issues.

Kevin Bradley, 65, – a “professional who was on hand to support the store’s recent construction” according to Apple – was killed on impact and 19 others were injured in the crash around 10:45 a.m.

Records show Rein was previously arrested in Vermont for driving under the influence in 2020.

He received a citation for driving under the influence, but was later released from Vermont State Police custody and the case was later cleared.

Rein was arraigned in Hingham District Court on Tuesday when a judge set his bond at $100,000 and ordered he not drive a motor vehicle while the case is pending.

He is due back in court on December 22.

Bradley Rein, 53, Has Been Charged With Reckless Motor Vehicle Homicide After He Crashed His Toyota 4Runner Into Apple's Derby Street Store In Hingham, Massachusetts On Monday.  He Is Pictured In A Photo From 2020, When He Was Arrested By Vermont State Police For Driving Under The Influence

Bradley Rein, 53, has been charged with reckless motor vehicle homicide after he crashed his Toyota 4Runner into Apple’s Derby Street store in Hingham, Massachusetts on Monday. He is pictured in a photo from 2020, when he was arrested by Vermont State Police for driving under the influence

Tributes started pouring in for Bradley, who was pulling a barrier away from the Apple Store window when Rein’s SUV passed.

He was remembered as a good friend, father and grandfather, with Danny Letts posting on Facebook: ‘RIP Kevin Bradley. You were a good man and a good friend.

“We will raise a glass together again someday…till then, please know that you will be missed by many.”

Others posted on his Facebook that they will “love you forever” and shared their condolences.

Kevin Bradley, 65, Was Killed At The Apple Store In Hingham, Massachusetts, Where He Worked As A Contractor On Monday Morning

Kevin Bradley, 65, was killed at the Apple store in Hingham, Massachusetts, where he worked as a contractor on Monday morning

Friends Say New Jersey Man Leaves Behind Wife, Children And Grandchildren After Fatal Crash

Friends say New Jersey man leaves behind wife, children and grandchildren after fatal crash

According To Apple, Bradley Was A

According to Apple, Bradley was a “professional who was on hand to support the recent construction of the store”

Authorities said they first received 911 emergency calls about the crash around 10:45 a.m. Monday and found a gaping hole in the store’s glass facade, marking the spot where a 2019 Toyota 4Runner had crashed into building.

When they arrived at the store in Derby Street, rescuers found ‘several’ people injured after being struck by the vehicle.

Witnesses say the driver was also bloodied afterwards, but was alive and talking to investigators when he was pulled from the car. The vehicle was then removed to the other side of the building around 3:30 p.m.

Officials say Rein was not among the 16 people taken to hospital later.

Another victim later went to South Shore Hospital and two others were taken to Boston for treatment.

Dr. Jason Tracy, chief of emergency medicine at South Shore Hospital, said the victims arrived at the emergency room on Monday morning with “all types of traumatic injuries”, including injuries to the head, lower limb problems and “dismembered limbs”.

He added that some of the victims have been treated for surgery and others will eventually need surgery. Dr Chris Burns, head of trauma at the hospital, also said a number of patients suffered life-threatening injuries.

One Person Died And At Least 16 Others Were Injured When An Suv Entered An Apple Store In Hingham, Massachusetts On Monday Morning

One person died and at least 16 others were injured when an SUV entered an Apple Store in Hingham, Massachusetts on Monday morning

First Responders Were Pictured At The Scene Treating Some Of Those Injured In The Crash

First responders were pictured at the scene treating some of those injured in the crash

Forensic Scientists Remove The Body Of A Man Killed When An Suv Crashed Into The Front Of An Apple Store

Forensic scientists remove the body of a man killed when an SUV crashed into the front of an Apple Store

Several people were seen exiting the store, located about 17 miles southeast of Boston, on stretchers.

Others were being cared for by dozens of first responders at the scene, and a medical helicopter was called in but later called off.

Photos also showed firefighters tending to what appeared to be a shopper trapped under the vehicle in question as the area was blocked off with yellow tape.

An MBTA bus is also believed to be on its way for use as a triage, as the scene is being treated as a “mass casualty event”.

Authorities Say A Black Toyota 4Runner Entered The Store On Monday Morning And Rammed Into The People Inside

Authorities say a black Toyota 4Runner entered the store on Monday morning and rammed into the people inside

He Was Finally Removed From The Scene On Monday Afternoon, Revealing Severe Damage To His Front End

He was finally removed from the scene on Monday afternoon, revealing severe damage to his front end

Workers Are Pictured Loading Debris From The Scene Into The Back Of A Tow Truck After Investigating The Scene On Monday

Workers are pictured loading debris from the scene into the back of a tow truck after investigating the scene on Monday

A woman who works in a shop across the square told how she heard the sirens and ran to see what had happened.

“It was really scary not knowing what was going on,” said Holly Roberts. “And when I went around the corner and saw all the vehicles near the Apple Store, my heart sank.”

Witnesses also told Boston 25 News they heard a loud crash and ran to see the vehicle inside the store Monday morning.

“It looked like a bomb had gone off,” Lynne Goyuk said. “We saw several people who should have seen a doctor, but they wouldn’t go because they knew other people were critical.”

Emily McKenna also said: ‘I just heard glass shattering and everyone ran to the window because they thought it was a smash and there was just a gaping hole in the middle of it. ‘Apple Store.

“I didn’t see the car go by, but someone said it was going quite fast, so maybe he just lost control.”

Another woman, identified only as Ann, told NECN how she heard “a very loud bang”.

“So we jumped off the table and looked out the window and we could see the hole in the Apple Store,” she said. “And she had seen a car go by, so she was like, ‘Oh my God, that car just passed by the Apple Store. And that was really it.

“Honestly, it’s too much,” she added. ‘I just want to go home. It was a lot.

“We had just passed the Apple Store for our coffee and decided to stop for a minute. We could have walked back…so my heart goes out to all the Apple employees and all the customers who were in the store because no one should be dealing with this. Nobody.’

The Toyota 4Runner Came To A Stop At The Back Of The Store, Where It Crashed Into A Wall

The Toyota 4Runner came to a stop at the back of the store, where it crashed into a wall

Driver Who Entered An Apple Store Is Charged With Reckless Homicide And Injuring 19 People

The glass facade was completely shattered into a gaping hole where the car entered

A local man also took to Twitter to share that his wife was at the store when a “black 4Runner drove at full speed” through the store.

“She said there were a lot of injuries – my wife used a spare jacket as a tourniquet.”

The incident comes at the start of a busy vacation week, when many are missing work.

The mall’s two adjacent stores were also closed and taped on Monday as police continued to investigate the scene.

Most stores were due to reopen at 10 a.m. Tuesday, although the Apple Store will remain closed ahead of the busy holiday season.

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