From Moscow, the Cuban president castigates anti-Russian sanctions and the “expansion” of NATO – RT in French

From Moscow, the Cuban president castigates anti-Russian sanctions and the “expansion” of NATO – RT in French
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During a visit to Russia, the Cuban president made a speech before the Duma in which he considered that the policy of the United States and the extension of NATO were at the origin of the Ukrainian conflict. Cuba supports a negotiated outcome to it.

On the occasion of his trip to Moscow, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel spoke before the Duma on 22nd November on the conflict in Ukraine.

“Cuba strongly condemns the sanctions imposed unilaterally against the Russian Federation”, he declared before the deputies gathered in plenary session, affirming that the causes of the current conflict “must be sought in the aggressive policy of the United States and in the expansion of NATO to the borders with the Russian Federation”.

“Cuba has systematically condemned the actions [des Etats-Unis] in different international forums,” he recalled, before emphasizing that Havana was in favor “of seeking a solution to the current conflict through negotiations” with kyiv.

A traditional ally of Russia, Cuba had firmly opposed the expansion of NATO “to the borders of this brotherly country”, in the words used by its foreign minister in February 2022, before the start of the offensive. Russian.

Havana had pleaded, from February 27, “for a serious, constructive and realistic diplomatic solution to the current crisis in Europe”, wishing to find a solution “which guarantees the security and sovereignty of all”. Cuba, under severe sanctions imposed by Washington since the 1960s, has spoken out, like other Latin American countries, against the retaliatory measures adopted by the West against Moscow since the beginning of the conflict.

As a reminder, Moscow had repeatedly asked for guarantees on the end of NATO’s extension to the East and clear commitments aimed at Ukraine never joining the Atlantic Alliance, considering that the he West had not kept its word on not expanding it to other countries after the fall of the USSR. This border threat was mentioned by Vladimir Putin when announcing the launch of the Russian offensive in Ukraine aimed at “denazifying” and “demilitarizing” the latter.

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