‘Ohio is no longer a swing state’ after midterm

'Ohio is no longer a swing state' after midterm
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The New York Times over the weekend, explained that Republican Senator-elect from Ohio JD Vance’s victory in the midterm elections was a “reminder” that Buckeye State is “no longer a swing state”, that which will lead to a difficult re-election of Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in 2024.

Brown, who turned 70 this month, is the only Democrat to win a statewide election in the past decade in Ohio. However, Vance’s win posed an even tougher re-election battle for his 2024 re-election bid, especially after the Republican governor won by about 25 points.

The Time’ Travel Gabriel wrote:

With JD Vance’s win over Mr. Ryan fresh in mind — a largely disappointing midterm Republican triumph for the party — Republicans in Ohio this week were sharpening their knives in anticipation of facing Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Democrat whose long-term credibility with blue-collar voters was a role model for Mr. Ryan.

At the same time, some Republicans have warned that Mr. Brown would be a more formidable opponent. One strategist, Jai Chabria, who was Mr Vance’s chief campaign adviser, called Mr Ryan “the zero-calorie Sherrod Brown”.

Ohio is nothing like the heavily populated suburban swathe outside of Philadelphia, which has become a strong Democratic playing field.

The publication pointed this out just days after Brown told Spectrum News he plans to run for office in Buckeye State in 2024, saying, “I’m running in 2024. And I’m running to win. “

Although his statement was not an official announcement, Brown’s political adviser Justin Barasky, who also worked with Rep. Tim Ryan (D) during his fallout this round, admitted the Time that “the brand of the national Democratic Party has suffered significantly with working-class voters,” but noted that Buckeye State has not completely veered away from Democrats like other once-competitive Midwestern states.

“Ohio is not going the way of Missouri and Iowa, which is why we have a Democratic senator, and we don’t,” Barasky told the Time. “But we’re not Pennsylvania anymore, and we’re not Wisconsin, and we’re not Michigan.”

He also argued that Brown shouldn’t automatically be left out of the 2024 race because midterm election numbers show Ryan has done better in some parts of the state than President Joe Biden did. won in 2020, which means it “leads you to believe that Sherrod is in a relatively strong position.

Even though former President Donald Trump won the state in the last two presidential elections, former President Barack Obama also won the state twice in his two presidential elections.

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