Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Schoolies: Brisbane graduate shares video from her Hilton flat

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Schoolies: Brisbane graduate shares video from her Hilton flat
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A group of high school graduates have revealed the crude reality of their Gold Coast Schoolies accommodation while inadvertently showing their own wild behavior as thousands of teenagers descend on the party capital.

Amelia Wolsman, 18, who dropped out of school in Brisbane, shared a sarcastic TikTok on Monday about things that “make sense” in her private Hilton flat.

Surfers Paradise, the hub of the Gold Coast, is the most popular place for high school graduates to celebrate the end of school with thousands of teenagers flocking to Queensland’s party hotspot in late November.

Ms. Wolsman’s brief video showed the bedroom’s bathroom was covered in black mold and one of the walls had a hole in it.

The video featured a number of dodgy shots of the teenagers, showing a dirty sink full of food, the group keeping a bowl of pickle juice and one of the boys lying in a cot that came with the apartment.

Brisbane Graduate Amelia Wolsman (Above) Shared A Short Video From Her Hilton Surfers Paradise Apartment For Schoolies On Monday, Just Two Days After The Week-Long Celebration Began

Brisbane graduate Amelia Wolsman (above) shared a short video from her Hilton Surfers Paradise apartment for Schoolies on Monday, just two days after the week-long celebration began

The Video Showed The Moldy Ceiling Of The Bathroom In The Private Apartment
He Also Showed A Hole That Guests Discovered In One Of The Walls.

The brief video showed the damaged wall in the private apartment (right) and the moldy ceiling in the bathroom (left)

“Room scattered at Hilton,” Ms Wolsman captioned the video.

Ms. Wolsman’s room is in a Hilton residential tower next to the Hilton Surfers Paradise hotel which is filled with private apartments.

Guests staying at Hilton Residences can use hotel facilities, but rooms and their cleanliness are handled separately.

Ms Wolsman isn’t the only Schoolies party girl to criticize Hilton.

Another teenager took to TikTok on Saturday to blow up the Surfers Paradise hotel and how long the elevators were taking due to the massive influx of guests.

The clip showed frustrated families scattered among the flood of teenagers waiting to go up to their rooms.

Several reviewers suggested guests use the hotel’s fire escape instead of waiting while others shared similar experiences.

“I had to go down 41 flights of stairs half the time at Schoolies, I wasn’t expecting that elevator,” one person wrote.

‘Just wait until you leave on Saturday, when I went it took us over an hour to get an elevator,’ another warned.

Ms Wolsman (Above) Shared Video From The Hall On Monday After The Schoolies Celebrations Began On Saturday

Ms Wolsman (above) shared video from the hall on Monday after the Schoolies celebrations began on Saturday

Hilton Surfers Paradise’s high Google rating has also taken a hit recently, as guests complain that their rooms are too “noisy” and “damaged.”

“Nightclubs pumping into my room until 3 a.m. create a really bad sleeping experience. Recommend this place only to clubbers,” wrote one reviewer.

Another said: ‘Unfortunately the furniture really needs replacing.

“The blankets and fitted sheets have reddish stains, the carpet is stained and torn all around. It smells like you got into a man’s gym bag.

A third guest wrote: ‘We stayed in an exec room and the cleaning was below standard.

“Thick fluff and dust under the bed, lollipops and candy under the bed from the previous guest, the bathroom has a constant stench.

“You are at the heart of the club ground. Outside, on the same road, there are several nightclubs. Some older guests may feel a little uncomfortable on weekend nights.

Queensland's Surfers Paradise Was Inundated With Teenagers Celebrating Their Graduation (Pictured, Surfers Paradise On Saturday Night)

Queensland’s Surfers Paradise was inundated with teenagers celebrating their graduation (pictured, Surfers Paradise on Saturday night)

Thousands Of Graduates Flocked To Queensland's Central Party For Schoolies (Pictured, Revelers On Saturday Night)
Queensland Police Believe Around 25,000 People Are Staying At Surfers Paradise For Schoolies Events (Pictured, A Reveler On Saturday Night)

Queensland Police believe around 25,000 graduates flocked to the Queensland Party Center for Schoolies (pictured, revelers on Saturday night)

Schoolies Celebrations Kicked Off On Saturday (Above) With Thousands Of Teenagers Attending Graduation Events

Schoolies celebrations kicked off on Saturday (above) with thousands of teenagers attending graduation events

Despite the damning one-star tirades, many guests have offered the hotel rave reviews, bragging about its “fantastic” service and central location.

Queensland Police have warned revelers to behave while on the Gold Coast after two groups were evicted from their accommodation for jumping on balconies.

“Don’t jump from balcony to balcony in our unit complexes,” Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman said.

“We cannot stress to our outgoing students the danger to you and others of carrying out this activity.

“This can result in an arrest, a fine of $2,875 and one year in prison.”

Police believe around 25,000 school leavers are staying at Surfers Paradise, but only 17,000 official Schoolies wristbands have been given out.

Police Said More Than 17,000 People Had Collected Wristbands To Attend Schoolies Events (Pictured, A Reveler On Saturday)
Thousands Of Graduates Collected Wristbands To Attend Schoolies Events (Pictured, An Event On Saturday)

Thousands of graduates collected wristbands to attend Schoolies events (pictured, revelers at events on Saturday)

Police Arrested 67 People On The First Weekend Of Schoolies, 49 Of Whom Were 'Tools' - Not School Leavers (Pictured, Reveler Arrested On Saturday)

Police arrested 67 people on the first weekend of Schoolies, 49 of whom were ‘tools’ – not school leavers (pictured, reveler arrested on Saturday)

Officers arrested 67 people in the first two days of the event, but only 18 were graduates – the rest were “toolies” (not school leavers).

“Pupils leaving school are actually performing on par or better than previous years of Schoolies,” Mr Wildman said.

“We haven’t seen this kind of behavior reproduced and demonstrated by non-school leavers.

“If you misbehave, you’re picking a very, very bad time to do it – we have police everywhere.”

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