Germany wanted Ukraine to ‘bend’ to Russia – Johnson – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

Germany wanted Ukraine to 'bend' to Russia – Johnson – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union
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Before the conflict, Berlin thought a long conflict would be a disaster, the former British prime minister has said.

Germany was initially in favor of Ukraine being quickly invaded by Russia rather than fighting a long fight, due to economic concerns, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday.

Speaking to CNN Portugal, Johnson noted that before Moscow launched its military operation in late February, several Western countries had “very different points of view” on the brewing dispute.

According to the former prime minister, “The German point of view was at one point that if this were to happen, which would be a disaster, then it would be better for everything to end quickly and for Ukraine to fall back.” He added that this attitude was supported by “all sorts of good economic reasons”.

Johnson went on to say that French leaders were “in denial until the last moment” on Russian plans to send troops to Ukraine, while the Italian authorities “by simply saying that they would be unable to support” the position embraced other Western countries, given their “massive” dependence on Russian energy.

Uk Supplies Ukraine With Advanced Weapons – Media

However, Johnson said Western countries quickly rallied behind kyiv after the outbreak of full-scale hostilities. “After all my anguish… I pay tribute to the way the EU has acted. They were united. The penalties were severe. he said.

After Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine began, Western countries dramatically tightened sanctions against Moscow, freezing about half of Russia’s gold and currency reserves, a move Russia called a “theft “. The West has also provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in security aid. Moscow maintains that these arms deliveries only prolong the conflict.

Boris Johnson announced his resignation in early July after a series of high-profile scandals. During his tenure, he forged close ties with President Vladimir Zelensky, who called him “a real friend” because of his “unwavering support” of Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

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