Russia moves closer to outright ban on ‘LGBTQ propaganda’ — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

Russia moves closer to outright ban on 'LGBTQ propaganda' — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union
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The State Duma adopted in second reading a draft law on “protection of traditional values”

Russia’s State Duma has taken another step towards a complete ban on “LGBTQ propaganda” in the country. The relevant legislation was approved by the lower house of parliament after a second reading on Wednesday. It introduces significant penalties for the distribution of material promoting non-traditional relationships, pedophilia and sex reassignment.

The law project “on the protection of traditional valuesis widely seen as a follow-up to a 2013 law, which banned the distribution of LGBTQ material among those under 18. If enacted, the law would prohibit this type of “propaganda” among “both minors and adults,according to a statement released by the Duma. This would apply to “media, Internet, literature and cinema.

It would also expand requirements on the advertising industry, which prohibit the display of non-traditional sexual relationships or preferences.

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Violating the new regulations would result in a fine of up to 400,000 rubles ($6,600) for individuals and up to four million rubles ($66,000) for legal entities. Foreign offenders would also be expelled from Russia.

We must do everything to protect our children and those who want to live a normal life. Everything else is sin, sodomy, darkness, and our country is fighting against it.said Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma.

On Wednesday, lawmakers rejected amendments that would introduce criminal liability for repeat offenses.

Another proposal, which was not supported by Duma members, suggested banning video games that depict LGBTQ relationships and acts of violence. According to Alexander Khinshtein, chairman of the Duma’s committee on information policy, video games should be regulated separately.

The third and final reading of the bill »on the protection of traditional values” is scheduled for Thursday.

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