Writer apologizes to JK Rowling after finding NO evidence she’s transphobic

Writer apologizes to JK Rowling after finding NO evidence she's transphobic
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An LGBTQ activist has praised JK Rowling for her ‘bravery’ and told her followers that people are ‘burning the wrong witch’ after she was unable to find any evidence the Harry Potter author was transphobic.

EJ Rosetta, writer and columnist for HuffPost, who has spoken out herself on trans issues, said in a series of Tweets that JK Rowling “is not an ‘intolerable transphobe,’” but has been an advocate for the rights of women when she could have sat down.

JK Rowling said she has long faced death and rape threats for her views on transgender issues, where she spoke out against the erosion of biological sex and the harm it can cause women. Critical LGBTQ activists have called the TERF author a trans-exclusive radical feminist, and have repeatedly denounced her for her views.

The author’s comments and tweets have led Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson to distance themselves from the creator of the world.

But LGBTQ writer EJ Rosetta is adamant that activists are “burning the bad witch”.

Jk Rowling (Pictured In March 2022) Has Long Been Criticized For Her Views On Transgender Issues, Starting With A Series Of Tweets In June 2020

JK Rowling (pictured in March 2022) has long been criticized for her views on transgender issues, starting with a series of Tweets in June 2020

Columnist Ej Rosetta (Pictured) Praised Jk Rowling For Her

Columnist EJ Rosetta (pictured) praised JK Rowling for her ‘bravery’ and said she had found no evidence the Harry Potter author was transphobic

Ej Rosetta Wrote A Thread About Jk Rowling After Being Tasked With Writing An Article Detailing

EJ Rosetta wrote a JK Rowling thread after being tasked with writing an article detailing “20 transphobic JK Rowling quotes we’re done with”

In the tread, EJ Rosetta wrote: ‘Good I’m done. 3 months ago I was tasked to write an article detailing ’20 JK Rowling transphobic quotes we’re done with’ After 12 weeks of reading her books, tweets, full essay and researching the context of these ‘quotes’, I couldn’t find a single truly transphobic post.

The HuffPost columnist and writer concluded that JK Rowling was not ‘an ‘intolerable transphobe’, but a ‘woman who could have sat down and been loved forever’ but chose to speak out on rights women.

EJ Rosetta said that often “the rights of one group are sacrificed for the benefit of the other, with the most vulnerable women often paying the price”. The HuffPost writer cited the example of domestic violence shelters and praised JK Rowling for “being careful.”

The Harry Potter author was also praised for his “bravery” for speaking out on the issue.

“3 months of dedicated research,” wrote EJ Rosetta, “and I can’t find a single truly transphobic quote from JK Rowling that stands up to scrutiny for journalistic integrity.” The abuse JK has endured is beyond forgiveness. Every death threat, rape threat, and torrent of abuse, she was born with grace.

Rosetta concluded, “You’re burning the wrong witch. I’m with @jk_rowling.’

Writer Apologizes To Jk Rowling After Finding No Evidence She's Transphobic

In A Twitter Thread, Writer Ej Rosetta Said She Was Adamant That Activists

In a Twitter thread, writer EJ Rosetta said she was adamant that activists are “burning the bad witch”

JK Rowling originally came under fire in June 2020 after she retweeted an opinion piece in which she took issue with the term ‘people who menstruate’ instead of the post saying ‘women’.

The author tweeted: “People who menstruate.” I’m sure there was a word for these people. Someone help me. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?’

She was also chastised by LGBTQ activists in 2020 when she wrote, “Erasing the concept of sex robs many of the ability to meaningfully discuss their lives. It’s not hate to tell the truth.

She added, “I respect the right of every trans person to live in whatever way feels authentic and comfortable to them. I would walk with you if you were discriminated against because you are trans. At the same time, my life has been shaped by being a woman. I don’t think it’s odious to say that.

Since then, JK Rowling has said she has been threatened with death and rape for her outspoken views.

EJ Rosetta said she identified herself as a “recovered TERF”. The term is used to describe feminists whom others believe trans rights are excluded from women’s rights.

Since then, the HuffPost writer has said trans rights must be respected and called for equality. She has also raised awareness of the high suicide rate among trans youth.

JK Rowling’s comments led Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe to speak out after his Tweets in 2020 in a statement released by the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention charity for the LGBTQ community.

Jk Rowling's Comments Have Had The Harry Potter Cast Speaking Out.  Pictured: Emma Watson (Left), Daniel Radcliffe (Centre) And Rupert Grint (Right)

JK Rowling’s comments have had the Harry Potter cast speaking out. Pictured: Emma Watson (left), Daniel Radcliffe (centre) and Rupert Grint (right)

Daniel Radcliffe
Emma Watson

The author’s comments and tweets led Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe (left) and Emma Watson (right) to distance themselves from the world’s creator

The actor said: “I realize some news outlets will probably want to describe this as a fight between JK Rowling and myself, but that’s really not what it’s about or what is important right now.” While Jo is unquestionably responsible for the course of my life, as someone who has been honored to work with and continues to contribute to the Trevor Project over the past decade, and as a human being, I feel compelled to say something about it. moment.’

The actor concluded, “Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional health care associations who have far more expertise on this subject than Jo or I.

Emma Watson also responded to JK Rowling’s comments in June 2020. The Hermione Granger actress wrote: “Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told that they are not what they claim to be.”

“I want my trans followers to know that I and so many other people around the world see you, respect you and love you for who you are.”

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