Josep Borell announces that an agreement has been reached between Belgrade and Pristina – RT in French

Josep Borell announces that an agreement has been reached between Belgrade and Pristina – RT in French
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The head of European diplomacy welcomed an agreement between Serbia and Kosovo concerning the Serb minority in Kosovo.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borell exclaimed on Twitter that he had obtained an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

“The chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on measures to avoid any further escalation and to fully focus on the proposal for a normalization of their relations”, he reported.

“Serbia will stop issuing license plates with the names of Kosovo cities, and Kosovo will stop any further action to re-register vehicles,” he said.

Serbia and Kosovo on the brink of a new conflict?

Tough negotiations had been carried out urgently since November 21 in Brussels. The standoff between Serbia and Kosovo was over a reform of the license plate system wanted by Pristina.

The discussions were not advancing much, given the intransigence of the Kosovar side. “It must be said that we made a proposal (…) that the president [serbe] Vucic accepted, unlike, unfortunately, the Prime Minister [kosovar] Kurti”, had declared Josep Borrell, the first evening.

Nearly 50,000 people live in Serb-majority areas and use license plates issued by Belgrade. They refuse to recognize Kosovo institutions. A progressive plan with warnings, fines and finally traffic bans was provided for by the latter. Finalized in April, it was to apply shortly.

The worst then seemed to be feared if Pristina intended to enforce the controversial measure through its own police and in the ethnically Serb regions. “The Kosovo police have no business in the north of Kosovo and Metochia, then we will have hell on earth… Serbia will support its people, and the Serbs will defend their homes” had dropped, on November 21, Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic.

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