Ukraine-Russia War: Is Crimea Zelensky’s Next Goal? – Ukraine-Russia War

Ukraine-Russia War: Is Crimea Zelensky's Next Goal? - Ukraine-Russia War
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While Putin bombs Ukraine’s power plants with missiles, President Zelensky and his staff could prepare a counter-offensive on Crimea, following the Russian retreat from the city of Kherson.

Unable to retaliate against Russian cities, a red line for Washington, for lack of sufficient missiles, the Ukrainians are condemned to push their advantage on the ground.

Withdrawn on the left bank of the Dnieper, the Russian troops are building lines of defense with anti-tank ditches and dragon’s teeth (small concrete pyramids) to prevent the progression of Ukrainian tanks towards the Crimea.

Pieces of the “Maginot line” built in the Donbass

Ditto in the east, in the Lugansk region, where the mercenaries of the Wagner group are trying to take the city of Bakhmout. Pieces of the “Maginot line”, dug in a hurry, are supposed to protect and reassure the demoralized soldiers.

A decoy, as the Kremlin has already tried, in Belarus, by announcing the arrival of troops, in fact a handful of soldiers filmed for propaganda. The Ukrainians did not fall into the trap: they did not strip the front to send reinforcements there.

kyiv, on the other hand, does not specify where its thousands of men have been since Kherson was liberated. They ask the inhabitants of Kherson to leave the city, deprived of electricity and exposed. Will they then tumble from the north, from Zaporijjia, recovering in passing the nuclear power station occupied by the Russians? To the south, at the mouth of the Dnieper, units crossed the river to liberate the Kinbourn peninsula, next to Crimea.

Concern wins families from Russia

On Tuesday, Ukrainian drones were intercepted near a power plant in Sevastopol, the major port of the Russian fleet, already bombed in the past, as well as an airport and a military headquarters.

The bridge leading to Russia was damaged by a truck bomb. The axis that leads to Donbass could be blocked by fire, in the event of a Ukrainian advance.

As a result, concern is gaining families from Russia, who have settled in the apartments of Ukrainians who fled annexation in 2014. Putin expects an offensive but he does not know where or when.

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