Fairfax schools seek ‘gender-combined’, ‘inclusive’ sex-ed standards

Fairfax schools seek 'gender-combined', 'inclusive' sex-ed standards
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Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools are seeking to “revise” their sex education standards to become “gender-combined” and use more “inclusive” language.

The proposed “Family Life Education Instructional Material” aims for gender inclusion, but makes some exclusions for students who were born “masculine”.

These students – the boys – will not review “Janet’s Got Her Period” instruction or receive explicit instructions on the use of menstrual products.

Despite this, the sixth grade section of the proposed changes seems more ambiguous about whether boys will be given instructions on menstrual products.

In effect, the proposed “goal” wording is changed from “girls only review the use and proper disposal of personal hygiene products” to “The use and proper disposal of menstrual products will be reviewed”.

Another proposed update is to remove a testicle self-examination instructional video from the tenth grade curriculum and combine genders for all of this year’s sex ed. According to the website, all students will still receive instructions on testicular self-examination and breast cancer self-examination.

Changes to grades four through six include proposals to “support gender-combined teaching” by removing the phrase “separate sex” from all sex education objectives as well as “remove[ing] language that indicated teaching in puberty classes that would currently only occur for girls or boys.

The changes are currently open for a public comment period that ends December 1.

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