Group files emergency motion to stop Oregon gun control law

Group files emergency motion to stop Oregon gun control law
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PORTLAND, OR — A gun rights group, a sheriff and a gun shop owner filed an emergency motion in federal court on Wednesday evening seeking to block the enforcement of one of the control laws of the strictest firearms in the country.

The gun control measure narrowly approved by Oregon voters is set to go into effect Dec. 8. U.S. District Judge Karin Immergut scheduled a hearing on the motion for Dec. 2 on Thursday. The state has until next Wednesday to file an emergency response. motion for preliminary injunction.

The Oregon Firearms Foundation, Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey, and Adam Johnson, owner of Coat of Arms Firearms, filed a federal lawsuit against the Governor and Attorney General of Oregon on 18 November, declaring Measure 114 unconstitutional.

The measure requires residents to obtain a license to purchase a firearm, prohibits magazines with more than 10 rounds except in certain circumstances, and creates a statewide firearms database.

“Banning magazines with more than 10 rounds is no more likely to reduce criminal abuse of firearms than banning high-powered motors is likely to reduce criminal abuse of automobiles,” said the trial. “On the contrary, the only thing that the prohibition contained in 114 guarantees is that a criminal unlawfully carrying a firearm with a magazine of more than 10 rounds will have a potentially devastating advantage over his law-abiding victim. “

Proponents of Measure 114 argued that banning high-capacity magazines would save lives, as it would force shooters to stop to reload, giving others an opportunity to stop shooting. Proponents also say it would reduce suicides – which account for 82% of gun deaths in the state – mass shootings and other gun violence.

The preliminary injunction is intended to prevent the state from enforcing the new law while the lawsuit is being considered by the court.

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