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Key Features to Look for in an Online Investing Platform

The process of placing a trade is no longer limited to calling one's broker in order to place a trade.

Key Features to Look for in an Online Investing Platform
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The process of placing a trade is no longer limited to calling one's broker in order to place a trade. It is now possible to open and close a trade from the comfort of your own home thanks to the advancements in technology.

Trading and investing can be accomplished using a computer or phone and a trading and investment platform.

Do you still find it difficult to identify the most suitable trading platforms from the rest? No need to worry. We will discuss the factors to consider when selecting an investing platform in this article.

1. Maintaining Reliability

Since the trading environment can be volatile, with price movements occurring within a short period of time, it is imperative to take into account the platform's reliability.

The ability to trade may be compromised if there are long loading times between screens, prolonged downtimes, and unreliable service in general.

2. Charting Tools of Excellent Quality

Unless you are a fundamental analyst only, you will need to use a charting tool. Technical analysis is based on indicators. The relative strength index, MACD, and Fibonacci retracement are important indicators for analysts.

Charts are useful for analyzing patterns and price movements. Make sure that the investing platform offers a wide range of trading indicators.

Furthermore, the tools should be available in all timeframes in order to enable multi-timeframe analysis. It is essential that the investing platform allows you to configure the indicators so that you will be alerted when specific prices are reached.

3. Fees

Firstly, does the platform you are contemplating charge a sign-up fee? Many of these are free, but they may have limitations on the number of trades you may make or account usage requirements. Others may charge a one-time fee or even a monthly fee to access premium features.

Then there are the fees they impose on trades, transactions, commissions, currency conversions, etc. In spite of the fact that these factors may seem small, they can all accumulate and reduce your profits.

Therefore, it is imperative to take them into account when conducting research and comparing products.

4. Margin Trading Facility

Over the last few years, leverage has increasingly been used in financial products. This is because it is a way to not only get started trading but also increase your bids when trading online, irrespective of your budget.

The majority of brokers offer traders the Margin Trading Facility for their positions, enabling them to participate in the market with little collateral and greater margins.

Despite the fact that this can pose some risks, trading and investing platforms can assist traders in making better decisions.

5. Free Demat Account Opening Facility

The Demat Account facilitates the purchase and sale of shares online. It used to take anywhere from a fortnight to a month for shares to be physically transferred. With a Demat Account, the process is streamlined and costs are reduced.

Furthermore, holding securities in an electronic format means they are not subject to stamp duty when they are transferred. Nowadays, investing platforms provide their users with free demat account facilities.


The market is saturated with brokerage firms offering simplistic and safe trading platforms. In order to select the ideal platform, you should conduct due diligence. In choosing a platform, make sure that it offers attractive and advanced tools that are easy to use for identifying signals and placing trades.

It is also crucial to take into consideration the security features. Get started with Dhan and get the best online investing experience anywhere, anytime. Dhan provides first-class features at a fair price.


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