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Top eLearning & Education Software Development Companies

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According to Forbes, the eLearning market is predicted to grow to $325 million by 2025. The statistics reveal that the eLearning sector has a bright future and many entrepreneurs are looking forward to entering this industry. Developing an eLearning platform would be a complicated and laborious process for business owners. Hence, to build a comprehensive online platform, you need to find a reliable eLearning software company.

However, to choose a trustworthy software development company, you have to conduct detailed research, compare prices and read reviews of the clients. To simplify your task, in this blog, we have compiled a list of top eLearning software development companies.

List of top eLearning software development companies:

In order to develop a feature-packed platform, one should consider a few parameters like the company’s year of experience, company portfolio, client satisfaction rate, number of projects delivered by the company, client ratings, and reviews.

Keeping these parameters in mind, we have gathered information about top eLearning software development companies in the industry. The companies mentioned here offer reliable solutions and provide best-in-class features. Let’s know more about them:

FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is one of the leading software development companies in the industry. The company offers versatile solutions for entrepreneurs to build online tutoring and consultation marketplaces. Their turnkey solutions Yo!Coach, and Yo!Coach Plus empowers eduprenueurs to build and launch their eLearning platforms hassle-free. They have served numerous clients worldwide and have become an industry expert in just a few years.

Founded in: 2004

Location: India

Key Elements

5000+ enterprise-grade custom solutions delivered

200+ team of technologists and domain experts

Delivered 200+ projects to a global clientele

18+ years of software engineering expertise

4.9/5 rating at Clutch

Top Clients

WTutors, The Legal Rooms, WeYakYak, Nexia Wellness, AirSide Chat, Trusity, and many more.


Pinlearn is a renowned leader and industry expert in the Edtech industry. This company provides turnkey solutions to help people start their own online tutorial businesses. They efficiently handle all technical aspects of installing, designing, and building an online education platform.

Founded in: 2017

Location: Thailand

Key Elements:

4.3 /5 rating on GetApp

6+ years of experience

Top Clients: AcceptedTogether, Hey Tutor, Elite UK Tutors


Jungleworks is a popular software development company that provides end-to-end customizable SaaS solutions for entrepreneurs to fullfill their business needs. ‘Panther’ is their online learning and consulting software that helps entrepreneurs launch their online business hassle-free. In a very less time, they established themselves from a small company to an industry leader.

Founded in: 2011

Location: India

Key Elements:

Assisting over 21k+ businesses worldwide

Team of 100+experts and technologists

Top Clients: Lawyer 365, Guidely, Lunar Astro


Cleveroad is a custom application development company that has been helping clients all over the world in achieving their business goals. Their client-oriented approach helps clients get solutions tailored as per their needs. The company provides modern and scalable technologies to develop reliable eLearning platforms.

Founded in: 2011

Location: USA, Ukraine

Key Elements:

Team of 280+ in-house engineers

170+ successful projects delivered worldwide

10+ years of market experience

Top Clients: The School App, Crossfader

Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares help global businesses to transform their ideas into digital platforms that derive results. They strongly believe in building a strong value proposition for their clients. Their experienced team develops innovative learning mobile apps and web platforms to revolutionize both the academic and consultation industry.

Founded in: 2010

Location: USA,

Key Elements:

150+ technical experts

Delivered 650+ successful projects

12 years of industry experience

Top Clients: Aner, The Link Legal Consultation, Teacher Marketplace

Appinventiv Technologies

Appinventive Technologies offers an integrated set of eLearning elements, tools, and resources to support businesses that want to establish there online eLearning businesses. Over the last few years, Appinventiv has become a leading education app development company that helped in connecting more than 10 million students and trainers around the world.

Founded in: 2015

Location: India

Key Elements:

1000+ projects delivered around the world

1000+ tech-experts

Recognized as top mobile app development company by GoodFirms

Top Clients: Gurushala, Nova Learning


BelitSoft is one of the leading education software development companies in the industry. They offer uniquely designed mobile apps and custom software that let entrepreneurs manage their online tutoring business effectively. BelitSoft has been recognized by so many top research firms and created an enormous customer base over the years.

Founded in: 2004

Location: US, UK, Israel

Key Elements:

Team of 400+ experts

70+ successful large projects

17+ years in business

Top Clients: Technicolor SA, Berkeley University, Aalborg University and more


TutorCruncher is a popular tutoring management software company. They offer a solution that simplifies and streamlines all the operations of an online eLearning platform. This company provides efficient and cost-effective software that helps small and large businesses kick-start their startups smoothly.

Founded in: 2013

Location: UK

Key Elements:

4.7/5  rating on GetApp

10+ years of experience in the tutoring industry

Top Clients: Bright Young Things, TheProfs, Tutor Doctor, Gabbitas

Wrapping Up

The companies mentioned here represent some of the top players in the industry, known for their exceptional services, expertise, and customer satisfaction. If you are an entrepreneur looking to establish your online eLearning business, these companies are worth considering. With their expertise, you can easily establish your business and start availing the lucrative opportunities this industry has to offer.


Tushar Singh Manhas