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Make Your Kids Limit Their Screen Time, Ways To Smart Parenting

From making people’s lives easy to becoming a burden on humanity, technology did not take too long in making clear its face.

No doubt, the goods cannot be ignored and we cannot make ourselves spend a life without these gadgets. But at the same time, we cannot ignore the harms it is providing to this generation.

Very proudly we give our kids phones, iPads, and tablets. But we forget to limit the screen time. And when they become addicted to it, it suddenly comes to our mind that giving them these gadgets was not a good idea.

But guess what? Parents are wrong at this point too. A proper balance in the usage of screens is important from the very start. Habits are made from childhood and adolescence and become fixed as they grow.

So, the point here is to form and mold the behaviors at a time when they are flexible.

What do you think is the easiest way to limit screen time and make smart usage of cell phones?

We have the perfect suggestion for you. FamilyTime parental control has made the lives of millions of people smooth and worry-free.

What is FamilyTime?

This is a parental control app with its specialty in screen time control and many other activities. It works in synchronization with the child app and a parent can handle their child’s account on the go. Here is a small description of how it works.

Limit the Screen Time

FamilyTime has a built-in feature through which a parent can set a limit that they consider safe as per the age of children.

Experts suggest a different screen time for children of different age groups. So do proper research and consult someone to check what works for your child.

Once you set a limit, the device will automatically be turned off when it has reached.

Monitor Screen Activities

Only limiting the screen time is not enough, the activities have to be monitored. A screen holds the content of the whole world in it.

You can select the unwanted web content or apps and block them from the device. Your children will not be able to reach the content you have restricted. Also, you can set alerts to get notified every time they try to access it.

Schedule Screen Usage

During homework or while having a meal, children never take their eyes off of the screens. Even if they keep their gadgets on the side, the notifications keep popping up and your kids keep getting distracted.

Scheduling your kids' phone usage means they will not be able to use their devices during the time you have set for other activities.

This will not only decrease their exposure to the screen but also make them focus more on their tasks.

Other Features

These were just the screen time control features of FamilyTime. So, keep in mind that it is just one small part out of the vast features and facilities that it offers.

Through its web control, you can block all the obscene and adult topics and websites that are not good for the growth of your child.

Along with that, the contacts and messages of your child can also be taken care of. Blacklist the contacts that you think your kid should not talk to. You can track all the messages and call records to keep a proper check and balance.

Above all, you can now also control the physical activities of your child. Where they are moving, when are they leaving their homes and when are they coming back, are they going to some unsafe places, etc., everything can be at your notice. With geofencing, tracking, and locating features, you can set virtual boundaries for unwanted places, track the locations where your kid has been, and locate them at the moment, respectively.

FaamilyTime is an app that facilitates parents in the better upbringing of their children. It does not mean to impose your kid with any negative influence, nor does it support authoritative parenting style.

Your child needs to be taken into confidence before using this app. We recommend talking to your kid and telling them the benefits of being connected to them. Only a mutual understanding can ensure the best bringing up of your child.

Download the app now to enjoy a free three days trial of the premium functions. Check the website if you want to have more details of its features.