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Andrea Evans Dies: ‘One Life To Live’, ‘The Young And The Restless’ Actor Was 66

Evans went on to play Patty Williams on CBS' The Young and the Restless, Tawny Moore on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful, Rebecca Hotchkiss on NBC's Passions, and Patty Walker on Amazon Prime's The Bay after leaving her iconic position on One Life to Live.

Evans, an Aurora, Illinois native who had performed in regional theater and beauty pageants, was a background extra in the 1978 horror film The Fury directed by Brian De Palma. She also starred in the miniseries The Awakening Land the same year, which quickly caught the eye of renowned soap opera casting director Mary Jo Slater. She chose her for the coveted part of Tina Lord, One Life To Live's response to All My Children's Erica Kane.

The performer was described by Evans' One Life co-star Robin Strasser as "a woman who was very brilliant & energized a heat seeking rocket. That is flattering. You were aware that working with her would be like facing a champion. I respected her bravery. I detest the illness that killed her.

Viewers responded well to Evans' portrayal of a bad girl, and she played the part until 1981 before leaving to play Patty Williams on The Young and the Restless from 1983 to 1984. She joined One Life again in 1985, and in 1988 she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

'One Life To Live' (1979), Andrea Evans and Erika Slezak
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She unexpectedly left the program two years after being nominated for an Emmy and remained out of the public eye for over ten years before revealing the reason: She had been the target of a stalker.

Evans said in a 2008 People magazine interview that she left New York City and her job after the stalker's acts turned violent. She said that the stalker had approached her in the Manhattan studio of One Life to Live in 1987, and that shortly after, he cut his wrists on the studio's front steps. When the guy was sent to a mental health facility, he designated Evans as his next of kin and started mailing her death threats that were scrawled in blood.

A few years after the event, the man was apprehended in front of the Secretary of State's office in Washington, D.C., according to People. He was carrying a butcher cleaver and an image of Evans. She claimed that the terror "forever changed me." She gradually started taking acting jobs, but she was still scared of going to public gatherings.

In 2008 and 2011, she returned to One Life To Live and her most well-known character, declaring, "It's time to give the public what they want. And it's time for me to find resolution on the reason I initially departed.

In 2015, Evans was nominated for a second Daytime Emmy for her work in the online series DeVanity.

Hollywood Squares and Circus of the Stars are two examples of primetime programming. She had just finished writing her upcoming autobiography, My One Life To Live.

Evans spent a lot of time working for City of Hope and numerous animal rescue organizations in addition to her professional endeavors.

Kylie, her kid, and her husband Steve Rodriguez are still alive.


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