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West Bengal Panchayat Election 2023 Results: Mamata's TMC Dominates Rural Polls, Bags Over 28,000 Seats, BJP Gets 7,700; Counting Underway

West Bengal Panchayat Election 2023 Result
West Bengal Panchayat Election 2023 Results

Latest Updates on West Bengal Panchayat Election 2023 Results: Out of the 63,229 gram panchayat seats in the state, the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) won over 28,985 seats on Tuesday and was in the lead in another 1,540, while the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 7,764 seats and was in the lead in 417. The gram panchayat seats, 9,728 panchayat samiti seats, and 928 zilla parishad seats were among the almost 74,000 seats up for election in the three-tier panchayat election, which got under way at 8 am on Tuesday. There are 22 districts with a total of 339 counting locations.

As it will take time to tally the votes and compile the results, the counting for the West Bengal panchayat election of 2023 is anticipated to go on for the next two days.

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The CPI(M) alone won 2,409 seats, according to the most recent data provided by the West Bengal Election Commission, giving the Left Front victory in 2,468 seats. In 260 seats, the Left is now in the lead. With 2,022 seats won, the Congress is in the lead in 139. While independents, which included TMC dissidents, have so far gained 1,656 seats and are in the lead in 104 seats, other parties have won 725 seats and are in the lead in 23 seats.

With 2,155 Panchayat samiti seats gained, the TMC is in the lead in 493 of them. CPI(M) has won 47 seats and is leading in 48 other seats, while Congress has won in 38 seats and is leading in 23 seats. The BJP has won 214 seats and is in the lead in 113 of them.

The CPI(M) is leading in 5 seats, the Congress is leading in 1, and the BJP is leading in 10, but the Mamata-led party has won all 77 Zila Parishad results that have been publicly announced so far and is ahead in 92 more.

The Bharatiya Gorkha Prajatantrik Morcha (BGPM), which holds 281 of the 598 seats in Kalimpong and 598 in Darjeeling, is projected to overtake all other parties as the party with the most support in the Bengal hill regions.

A verbal battle between the TMC and the BJP erupted as early trends began to flood in, with the latter accusing the former of "making last desperate attempts to loot votes by blocking opposition agents from entering counting centers."

By preventing candidates from the BJP and other opposition political parties from entering counting centers, TMC goons are attempting desperately to steal the elections. Suvendu Adhikari, the head of the opposition in the West Bengal Assembly, alleged that they were being prevented from approaching the location and that bombs were being thrown to frighten the counting officials.

TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh denied the accusations, saying, "Sensing defeat, they are making baseless allegations."

"This is BJP's last attempt to come up with lame excuses to make up for its own organizational failures," he continued, "rejected by the people and sensing humiliating defeat."

The West Bengal panchayat election was marred by violence on Saturday.
On Saturday, violence erupted during West Bengal's rural elections, leaving up to 15 people dead while voting boxes were vandalized, ballot papers were set on fire, and bombs were thrown at opponents in several locations. According to reports, 11 of those who died belonged to Mamata Banerjee's party. Since the election dates were published on June 8 and the voting process began, a total of 30 people have died in the state.

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On Saturday, there was an 80.71 percent turnout in the polls, but by 5 o'clock in the evening, only 69.85 percent of West Bengal's 696 polling places had reported their votes. A total of 5.67 crore individuals who reside in rural areas of the state were able to vote for 2.06 lakh candidates for 73,887 panchayat seats.

After considering claims of violence and tampering with ballot boxes and vote papers on Saturday, the decision was made to hold new elections.

It is noteworthy that the violence on Saturday was consistent with the state's history of bloody rural elections, such as the 2003 panchayat elections, which earned attention for their 76 total deaths during the voting process, with roughly 40 of those occurring on the election day.

With more than 30 fatalities since voting was announced earlier last month, this year's death toll is now nearly equal to that of the 2018 panchayat elections. Contrary to the 2018 rural elections, where the ruling TMC won 34% of the seats without any opposition, this time the opposition ran candidates in more than 90% of the seats.

Results of the 2023 panchayat elections show that TMC won in 2018
The ruling TMC won 90 percent of the panchayat seats and all 22 zilla parishads in the 2018 West Bengal Panchayat elections.

The Opposition claims they were prohibited from submitting nominations in some seats as a result of the extensive violence that marred the polls.