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Adley Rutschman won the hearts of the fans in the Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby was just won by Adley Rutschman.

Sure, he hasn't officially "won" yet because he's still playing Luis Robert Jr., the Chicago White Sox outfielder who entered the Home Run Derby as the top seed and has hit 26 home runs this season.

The catcher for the Baltimore Orioles did something at T-Mobile Park on Monday night, however, that will go down in Home Run Derby history.

Rutschman, a left-handed batter, stepped up to the box for his first Home Run Derby and smashed 20 home runs from the left side of the plate:

But what did the switch-hitting catcher do with the extra time he still had at his disposal?

Enter the batter's box on the right side.

He hit seven more home runs there:

Another explanation for Rutschman's victory that evening? Randy, his father, was the one who threw to him.


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