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Archive of Our Own comes back online after DDOS attacks

Archive of Our Own (AO3) is operational again following a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack-induced outage. With categories for both the genre of fiction and the fandom the work belongs in, AO3 is a top source for fanfiction. The AO3 staff has been working to restore the website since it fell down on Monday.

AO3 kept readers and followers informed by using the site's official Twitter and Tumblr pages. While the website is up and readers may resume reading tasty fanfiction, the staff warned that users may experience some stability concerns in the days to come while the last few issues are resolved.

The update post on Twitter and Tumblr states, "We may need to do some work to optimize our shiny new Cloudflare setup — we'll keep you updated on any issues or downtime."

An open-source platform called AO3 hosts millions of fan creations from more than 57,000 fandoms. Literary accolades on the website include the 2019 Hugo Award for Best Related Work.

Some people have donated to the site (or, at the very least, tweeted a few words of appreciation) as a result of the outage and the efforts of the AO3 staff to restore the site as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, some dishonest people are abusing this generosity. The following is a tweet from the AO3 account: "Heads up! Someone is spoofing this account and trying to trick AO3 users out of money using the username AO3__Status (notice the second underscore).

Users will continue to receive updates from AO3 on the site's condition; it might go down again. Fans can resume reading saucy fanfiction right now or upload their own creations, but they should use caution if they decide to donate.


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