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Comparing the Top Boat Maintenance Apps
Comparing the Top Boat Maintenance Apps

While mariners in the past had to rely on charts and celestial navigation, and later on charts and GPS, today's boaters have the advantage of smartphones.

Although smartphones can be distracting at times, they provide access to a vast array of apps that can be immensely beneficial for planning and executing voyages.

The best part is that many of these boating apps are available completely free of charge, allowing you to utilize these fantastic tools to enhance and plan your boat day without incurring any costs.

The purpose of this blog will help you choose the best app for your boat care needs.

Pros and Cons of the Top 4 Boat Maintenance Apps

So, let’s explore the best boat maintenance apps and know their pros and cons. This will help you determine which one is the right fit for you.

1. Boat Butler

Boat Butler is among the ultimate boat maintenance app that can transform the way you care for your boat.

With its robust features, including timely reminders for repairs and maintenance, it keeps your boat in top condition.

It also offers you a community of passionate boating enthusiasts to connect and share experiences with.


  • Advanced engine maintenance algorithms
  • Automated service reminders
  • Customizable reminders and notifications
  • Ability to save boat details and documentation
  • Tracking of service history and payments
  • Forum and community interactions
  • Access to a business directory
  • Social login for easy access
  • Free Trial and paid subscription options


  • The business plan, which is available for $199.99 annually, is free of cost for early adopters. Grab the opportunity soon.
  • Users can create personalized task lists within the app.
  • The app provides timely maintenance reminders, ensuring you never miss important maintenance tasks.


  • Although the Boat Butler app has all the necessary features to maintain your boat, it lacks a couple of advanced features.
  • There are some downtimes. However, the app timely fixes bugs and updates with its newer versions.
  • Like any new app, you may require some time to familiarize yourself to set customized reminders for boat repair.

2. Boating Suite

Boating Suite, one of the best boat repair and maintenance apps, simplifies boat ownership with seamless management of trips, fuel, expenses, maintenance, and more.

Boating Suite ensures a stress-free boating experience by offering a user-friendly interface and customizable reports.


  • Logbook
  • Shopping list
  • To-do-list
  • Vessel log
  • Reports
  • Landscape and dark mode


  • Boating Suite is a comprehensive app, which helps you manage your boat and track fuel and expenses, maintenance needs, and more.
  • You can easily sync data across multiple devices to access your information from anywhere.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to track your boating activities.


  • The free version of Boating Suite is limited in terms of features. To unlock the app's advanced features, you need to opt for a paid subscription.
  • It does not offer offline accessibility. This can be a problem if you're boating in an area with limited or no cellular service.
  • The paid plans for the Boating Suite are expensive.

3. ShipShape Pro

ShipShape Pro app is designed to assist boat enthusiasts and professionals in maintaining their vessels efficiently.

It offers a multitude of features designed to streamline the maintenance process. Its user-friendly interface lets boaters easily track and manage their boat's equipment, schedule and assign tasks, and maintain a comprehensive record of completed tasks.

Furthermore, like the other top boat maintenance apps, ShipShape Pro facilitates seamless communication with suppliers and service providers and generates detailed maintenance reports that boaters can share in various formats.


  • Fault log
  • Pre-programmed tasks
  • Checklists
  • Record cost
  • Inventory
  • Address book
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
  • Task list
  • Store details
  • Manage multiple boats


  • Offers a multitude of features designed to streamline the maintenance process.
  • You can generate detailed maintenance reports that you can share in various formats to easily track maintenance history.


  • Users have reported bugs in ShipShape Pro.
  • The free version of the app is limited in terms of features.
  • ShipShape Pro is not as customizable as some other boating apps. You may need to look for a different app if you have specific needs.

4. Plan M8

Plan M8 is a comprehensive and user-friendly app designed to revolutionize yacht maintenance.

Plan M8 provides transparency by offering pre-generated templates, easy task scheduling, and logging completed tasks.

The app also allows for easy organization of boat part details, customized periodic tasks, and personalized task lists.


  • Offline-functionality
  • Customizable for popular boats
  • Accessible on the Web, iOS, and Android
  • UPM management and warranty claims
  • Multi-user registration
  • Boat maintenance log
  • Weekly performance reports


  • The app offers offline functionality, which makes it easy to access without the internet.
  • You can create a structured, planned maintenance schedule for your boat. This helps to prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your boat.
  • Plan M8 makes it easy to schedule tasks for your boat. You can easily specify each task's date, time, and location.


  • Plan M8 is not all-inclusive, as it does not cover insurance or financing.
  • If you are unfamiliar with yacht maintenance, you may find it difficult to use and face a bad experience.
  • It does not support many of the popular boats.

What Features Should You Look for in a Boat Maintenance App

When searching for a boat maintenance app, it's important to consider key features that enhance your boat care routine.

Let's explore the features.

Hull Cleaning Reminder

Algae, barnacles, and other sea waste get stuck on your boat's hull, causing drag and reducing speed and fuel efficiency.

For this, you can ensure your boat stays in top condition with a maintenance app with a hull cleaning reminder feature.

Using a boat maintenance app with this feature eliminates guesswork by providing customized reminders based on water quality, usage habits, and the type of anti-fouling paint used.

The hull reminder feature demonstrates your commitment to maintaining your boat and extends its lifespan for safe and enjoyable sailing.

Advanced Engine Maintenance Reminder

Maintaining your boat's engine is crucial. To keep it healthy, you can utilize an advanced engine maintenance reminder feature with timely prompts for smooth sailing.

By timely updating the carburetor and fuel filter maintenance, maintenance apps ensure your boat's efficiency and protection, enhancing your boating experience.

Propeller and Shaft Maintenance Updates

Propeller and shaft maintenance are quite significant as marine growth, debris, or damage can affect balance and speed. Here, proper lubrication and alignment can prevent excessive friction and fuel consumption.

Boat maintenance apps like Boat Butler offer personalized propeller and shaft reminders, activating after it hits the targeted miles set.

You can stay on top of these responsibilities by simply adding reminders to your boat maintenance software.

This feature in your boating app will prompt you to inspect, clean, and repair propellers and shafts, ensuring they remain balanced and aligned. This reminder improves fuel efficiency, reduces vibration, and provides smoother sailing.

Weather Forecast Notification

A forecasting reminder in the boat maintenance schedule app is your digital meteorologist, delivering crucial information.

It is mindful to choose the boat maintenance app that provides features like real-time weather reminders, storm notifications, and high tide alerts.

With this, you can plan your maintenance activities, and prepare your boat for harsh weather using this valuable feature. You can also access location-specific real-time reminders for wind, wave heights, temperature changes, storms, and precipitation.

This data allows for better planning, avoiding hazardous weather, and ensuring your boat and crew's safety.

Automated Service Reminders

Proper maintenance is crucial for diesel-powered boats for smooth operation and peak performance. However, tracking service intervals based on hours can be challenging.

To keep track of your diesel engine's operating hours and send timely reminders, automating service reminder features is perfect for keeping your boat in good condition.

When your boat reaches the critical hour mark, a gentle notification will remind you that it's time for service.

Wrapping Up

When comparing the best boating apps, several considerations come into play.

You should assess the app's features, customization options, ease of use, and reliability.

Boat Butler stands out among the top boat maintenance apps for its user-friendly interface, timely reminders, and ability to create personalized task lists. With this, you can streamline their maintenance processes, ensuring their boats are well-maintained.


1. Is the Boat Butler app easy to use?

Absolutely! The app boasts an intuitive design, ensuring easy access and smooth navigation. Its practical features make it an efficient tool for managing boat maintenance reminders.

2. How can I get started with the Boat Butler App?

Just download the Boat Butler App from your app store. Activate it, and click the "Sign Up" button to complete the registration process.

3. Can Boat Butler be used with any boat?

Yes! Boat Butler is compatible with a wide range of popular boat models. Discover its versatility by downloading the app.

4. What are the best boat repair and maintenance apps?

The following are the best boat repair and maintenance apps of 2023:

  • Boat Butler
  • Boating Suite
  • ShipShape Pro
  • Plan M8


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