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Live updates and the 28 best deals on day 2 of Amazon Prime Day 2023

Is Prime Day still ongoing? Prime Day is still going on, but it finishes tonight. For the top offers, real-time updates, and buying advice, keep reading.
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Before purchasing, use AR Virtual View or Virtual Try-On to "try on" clothing.

The text point on a yellow background is animated in a gif for day two of the Prime Day 2023 live blog. Popup_Day2_Tip_EN.gif
Best buys from Prime Day 2023 live blog: simulated view Try out the iPhone-displayed image.
You can see how specific things, like furniture and clothing, will look before you buy them on the Amazon app, giving you more assurance to purchase a Prime Day deal.

Look for View in your room under "Furniture" on the product detail page. You can move and rotate the object in your room as you see fit to see how it looks with the rest of your possessions. On your body, you can similarly "try on" different pairs of shoes, sunglasses, and makeup.

Just check the product detail page for Virtual Try-On.

Look into other buying tools that can make you a more savvy consumer.