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The Scarab Finds a New Host in Trailer for DC Comics Flick ‘Blue Beetle’

The latest trailer for Blue Beetle, a forthcoming film based on a DC Comic, shows that the battle has begun. Xolo Mariduea plays Jaime Reyes in the Angel Manuel Soto-helmed movie, who changes into the title character after coming into contact with the Scarab.

The shift of Jaime is shown in the trailer, which occurs haphazardly in front of his entire family. The trailer promises plenty of action as well as humorous moments. Along with Susan Sarandon and George Lopez, the film also stars Adriana Barraza, Daman Alcázar, Elpidia Carrill, Bruna Marquezine, Belissa Escobedo, Raoul Max Trujillo, and others.

According to the official synopsis, when recent college graduate Jaime Reyes returns home, he discovers that things are not exactly how he left them. As Jaime looks for his place in the world, fate steps in when he unintentionally comes into possession of the Scarab, a long-lost artifact of alien biotechnology. Jaime's future is irrevocably altered when the Scarab unexpectedly selects him to be its symbiotic host, bestowing upon him an astounding suit of armor with exceptional and unpredictable powers. He becomes the superhero Blue Beetle.

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Singer Becky G will play the extraterrestrial symbiote Khaji-Da in the movie. She recently declared, "I am very pleased to be able to share with you all that I am officially a part of the Blue Beetle tribe. "I have the privilege of providing the voice of Khaji-Da, an alien symbiote who chooses which individuals to endow with superpowers. And when I say that I am incredibly proud of what you guys will see and feel when you watch this movie, I really do mean it.


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