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Michael Bolton Says His 6 Grandchildren Find His Former Long Hairstyle 'Quite Amusing'

Some people may not have liked Michael Bolton's famously long hair during his lifetime.

On an episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the singer, 70, revealed to co-host Mark Consuelos, 52, and guest co-host Jenny Mollen, 44, that his granddaughters found it amusing when they saw images of Bolton in the 1990s sporting long hair.

Was any of your six grandchildren traveling with you? Mollen inquiries Bolton.

"Not on this tour," he responds. However, ever since my daughters used to travel with me, they have been always coming up with new ways to take them. When I traveled, I used to take the girls with me.

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Michael Bolton claims that his kids frequently make fun of his iconic '80s fashion: They Don't Like Celebrities (Exclusive)
"Do they know your name?" Bolton answers Consuelos' question by saying, "Yes, they call me G-Pa."

Mollen inquires as to whether Bolton's grandchildren are aware of his prior long hair as they continue to discuss his grandchildren.

"They're very familiar with that incarnation," Bolton asserts. They find that to be rather funny.

Isa, Holly, and Taryn are the three daughters that Bolton shares with his ex-wife Maureen McGuire. The musician has six grandchildren under the age of 6.

At the 2023 MusiCares Persons of the Year Gala, Michael Bolton and Heather Kerzner GILBERT FLORES/VARIETY VIA GETTY
In this week's edition of PEOPLE, Bolton said that his legendary style gives his daughters and grandchildren, who "get a kick out of things," "the gift of laughter."

"There's a birthday card where you have to pry my head out of the cake before I sing, 'Happy Birthday.'" "How is G-pa getting so famous? asked one of my grandchildren when they saw it in the store, " he remarked. They find it entertaining and humorous, but they are not moved by fame.

Bolton revealed in 2019 that he is not permitted to put his grandchildren to sleep. He told People Now, "I'm not going to be putting [the grandchildren] to sleep." "I'm reading to the kids ten minutes after they think they're going to bed," I'm chasing them all over the place.

Bolton admitted that despite his inability to remain still, the peaceful times spent with his grandchildren are the most important. Looking into their eyes is just such a huge source of delight, the musician remarked of his interactions with his six grandchildren.


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