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Ancelotti: “I was really impressed with Bellingham, he's a fantastic player"

The coach said, "We didn't play the ball out as we should have, but I was satisfied with the game overall.
After the match between Real Madrid and Milan, Carlo Ancelotti showed up in the press room at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles. "I was really impressed with Bellingham," the coach said after his team defeated the Italian team. The way we played out from the back is one of the things we need to change. To make the most of the space between the lines, we attempted to play more via the middle than out wide.

"Bellingham played extremely well, and the squad needs to adjust to his extraordinary quality. The squad greatly benefits from his entry into the box. I like the system, however there were some errors. I was happy with the game overall, even though we didn't play the ball out as much as we could have.

Bellingham's attributes
As a complete midfielder who adds real pace and intensity to the game, he is a wonderful player and crucial to our success. He differs from the other midfielders we have in that he moves very well without the ball. He makes the most of the available space and gives this squad a new dimension, which is excellent.

"He recovered well. He can play for Real Madrid after spending two seasons with Milan. He is a good fit for that position, plays well between the lines, and gives us another option. I wish we could watch his football all year round.

"We need to push ourselves further up. We exert extra pressure through the middle as we approach the diamond in the park's middle. From a defensive standpoint, it's not the best system, but I have to adjust to the players and strike a balance between defense and attack.

The 4-3-3 formation
"Rodrygo, who performed admirably in that position last season, is my central striker if we're going to play 4-3-3. Arda Güler and Valverde are positioned on the left. As with Bellingham and Rodrygo, we could also play with a number 10 and a central striker.


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