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Every Child A Swimmer Partners with Goldfish Swim School, Helping Provide More Swim Lessons to Children in Need

Every Child A Swimmer Partners with Goldfish Swim School, Helping Provide More Swim Lessons to Children in Need
Every Child A Swimmer Partners with Goldfish Swim School, Helping Provide More Swim Lessons to Children in Need

swimmer collaborates with Goldfish Swim School to help more children in need receive swim lessons. Over 200 towns in North America now provide a swimmer scholarship program.

FLORIDA, FORT LAUDERDALE, JULY 25, 2023 Today, July 25, is World Drowning Prevention Day. Drowning is the second-leading cause of death for children aged 5 to 14 and the top cause of death for children aged 1 to 4.

The most popular swim school chain in North America is Goldfish Swim School, while ISHOF's nonprofit organization, ECAS, aims to provide swim instruction to underprivileged families. With access to swim lessons and water safety instruction for infants and kids aged 4 months to 12 years, the partnership more than doubles ECAS' total footprint to 231 locations and helps amplify the individual efforts of ECAS and Goldfish Swim School to further promote water safety education.

The main projects of the cooperation are:

Enrollment Process Has Been Simplified.
Any Goldfish Swim School around the country has information on the Every Child A Swimmer program that parents may learn more about. Pre-approval of Goldfish Swim Schools streamlines the procedure and makes swimming instruction more accessible to more kids.
Expansion of the nation. The groups will work together to spread Every Child A Swimmer across the country, giving kids in more communities access to swim training. Both organizations seek to develop a coordinated and all-encompassing approach to water safety education by collaborating with organizations in various states.
Legislative Advocacy The groups will cooperate to strengthen present laws pertaining to water safety and swimming instruction. They hope to persuade legislators and make thorough swimming instruction available to all kids by combining their resources and skills.

  • **Working along with pediatricians. The Goldfish Swim School initiative offers resources for pediatricians and family doctors to encourage water safety dialogues in recognition of the significance of pediatricians in promoting child health and safety.
    In addition, Goldfish Swim School Franchising collaborates with a well-known pediatrician to offer additional educational opportunities to promote swim instruction and water safety through pediatrician networks.

Every Child A Swimmer Program Manager Casey McGovern said, "Our new partnership with Goldfish Swim School signifies another step forward in our aim to spread water safety education and decrease incidences among children. "By working together, we can strengthen our capacity to assist families across North America."

Additionally, the group was successful in getting legislation passed in Georgia and Arkansas in May requiring all schools to tell parents about water safety and the locations of nearby swim schools. In 2021, Florida became the first state to enact this legislation.
The ultimate aim of the program is for comparable legislation to pass in all 50 states.

According to Chris McCuiston, co-founder and CEO of Goldfish Swim School Franchising, "We believe we can create a transformative impact in children's lives through our new partnership with the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Every Child A Swimmer." Together, we can make sure that every kid has the chance to develop the critical water safety skills and become a competent swimmer. World Drowning Prevention Day is the perfect time to announce this alliance.

The Troy, Michigan-based Goldfish Swim School teaches infants and kids between the ages of 4 months and 12 years how to swim and stay safe around water.
The Science of SwimPlay®, a philosophy founded on research, is used by professionally trained teachers to guide classes in a secure, kid-friendly setting. The brand has expanded to more than 150 schools in more than 30 states since opening its first franchised location in 2009, and there are still more than 150 locations in the planning stages.

Visit to find out more about Goldfish Swim School.
Visit _About Goldfish Swim School Franchising _ for additional details on the collaboration and Every Child A Swimmer. The best learn-to-swim program is Goldfish Swim School, which is committed to giving kids excellent swim instruction and water safety knowledge. Children between the ages of 4 months and 12 years old can take swimming lessons year-round at Goldfish Swim School thanks to its tried-and-true curriculum and cutting-edge facilities.
The goal of Goldfish Swim School, which has more than 150 campuses spread throughout 34 states and two in Canada, is to develop competent swimmers and a love of the water.

Nearly Every Child Is A Swimmer The Every Child A Swimmer (ECAS) group is committed to fostering water safety awareness and lowering the number of child drowning events. ECAS offers access to swim classes, instructional materials, and drowning prevention techniques by collaborating closely with schools, community organizations, and governmental organizations. The organization works to instill a culture of water safety awareness and equip every child with the ability to swim to safety.

Information on the International Swimming Hall of Fame Leading organization The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) promotes swimming and aquatic sports internationally.
The ISHOF seeks to encourage people and communities to value swimming as a crucial life skill through its exhibitions, instructional activities, and support for water safety measures. The organization acknowledges the swimmers, coaches, and advocates who have had a significant influence on the aquatic community and honours extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to the world of swimming.


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