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Reveald Welcomes Simon Hunt as Chief Product Officer, Reinforcing Commitment to Effective Cybersecurity Solutions

Reveald Welcomes Simon Hunt as Chief Product Officer, Reinforcing Commitment to Effective Cybersecurity Solutions
Reveald Welcomes Simon Hunt as Chief Product Officer, Reinforcing Commitment to Effective Cybersecurity Solutions

Simon Hunt has been appointed as Chief Product Officer by Reveald, a top supplier of cybersecurity services and exposure management solutions. Hunt will advance product innovation in this strategic role and strengthen Reveald's capacity to offer its partners and clients efficient cybersecurity solutions.


In board and advisory roles for cybersecurity product and education firms, Hunt, who is well-respected within the cybersecurity sector, offers his perspective and counsel.
He is a prolific innovator who has obtained numerous patents in the fields of smart materials, cellular communications, automotive, and drones, as well as varied cybersecurity domains like encryption, authentication, networking, and virtualization. He was a businessman and technologist who founded SafeBoot, which McAfee purchased for $350 million in 2007. He also served as the worldwide CTO of Intel/McAfee and was in charge of McAfee's smart home security effort.
Hunt is a successful business executive who has held key positions at McAfee, Intel, and MasterCard. At these companies, he oversaw the fraud, standards, and cybersecurity risk divisions, delivered cutting-edge new digital and physical security measures for credit cards and transactions to prevent organized criminal fraud, and established Mastercard's graduate cybersecurity recruitment program.

Simon Hunt remarked on his new position: "Joining Reveald is a natural continuation of my own ambition to make cybersecurity more accessible and to help companies of all sizes defend themselves from fraudsters. I'm excited to offer useful AI-assisted intelligence to the numerous Reveald partners and clients, enabling effective risk prioritization.

Reveald's products will be significantly improved by Hunt's in-depth expertise of the sector and emphasis on risk prioritization.
He is aware of the difficulties faced by cybersecurity experts in managing the enormous amount of information and the demand for efficient prioritizing.

With Hunt as Chief Product Officer, Reveald will be able to offer cutting-edge solutions that address the changing cyber threat landscape and further solidify its position as a market leader in cybersecurity.

"Simon Hunt has joined the Reveald team as Chief Product Officer, and we couldn't be happier. His in-depth knowledge of the sector and dedication to proactive defense and efficient risk reduction are a perfect fit with our objectives.
Dan Singer, CEO of Reveald, said, "We welcome his efforts as we strive to empower our customers to establish a strong cybersecurity posture.

Simon Hunt's appointment is effective right away, and he will play a key role in determining the product roadmap for Reveald and advancing the company's mission to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Reveald About Reveald helps enterprises transition from defensively reactive to defensively proactive. The AI-powered Epiphany Intelligence Platform from Reveal! allows security teams to use Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) to break out from current reactive approaches, accompanied by the knowledge to lead them on every step of the path. The organization, which is renowned for its creative and proactive approach to cyber threats, is driven by a client-first approach, giving operational effectiveness and risk reduction priority. To find out more,


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