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Turtleback Trailers Moves to Tennessee Following May 2023 Acquisition

Turtleback Trailers Moves to Tennessee Following May 2023 Acquisition
Turtleback Trailers Moves to Tennessee Following May 2023 Acquisition

I'm thrilled and grateful to have acquired Turtleback Trailers.
Our staff is eager to expand on Turtleback's longstanding reputation as an industry leader in overland travel.

— Coster, President and Owner of Wil-Ro, Inc.

Joshua J. Coster, the town's leader, seized the chance to introduce overlanding to Tennessee on July 25, 2023 at GALLATIN, Tennessee, United States of America. Prior to moving to Gallatin, Tennessee, Turtleback Trailers, a renowned overland and adventure trailer manufacturer, was situated in Chandler, Arizona. The agreement, which was completed in May 2023, represents an important step in Coster's strategic growth plan and reaffirms his dedication to supplying top-notch products and boosting brand recognition in the overland business.

"I am happy and grateful to have finished the purchase of Turtleback Trailers. According to Joshua J. Coster, President & Owner of Turtleback Trailers, "Our team looks forward to building on Turtleback's leading reputation within the overland industry—10 years and counting. I look forward to seeing the brand grow and maintain its presence as the leading overland trailer manufacturer. I'm excited to meet the Turtleback community in Tennessee and all of your devoted fans.

Since its founding in 2013, Turtleback Trailers has established a solid reputation for its creative designs and dedication to high-quality craftsmanship. The company serves adventure seekers looking for tough and reliable trailers for their trips. Wil-Ro, Inc. intends to combine its manufacturing know-how with Turtleback's industry-leading position by taking Turtleback Trailers under its supervision, boosting the whole customer experience and providing a wider choice of goods.

Turtleback Trailers will join the Wil-Ro, Inc. factory in moving its operations to Gallatin, Tennessee, as part of the transaction. In order to fulfill the rising demand for overland trailers, this combination will allow both businesses to optimize production processes, pool resources, and take advantage of synergies.

The Turtleback Trailers team, under the direction of Director of Sales Katelyn McGuire, is thrilled about the relocation to Tennessee and the prospects it presents. Moving from the Arizona deserts to a suburb of the bustling city of Nashville is an exciting step for Turtleback Trailers, according to McGuire. "We are dedicated to sustaining our prestigious brand, helping our tight-knit community, and giving our devoted Herd outstanding customer service while also embracing new enthusiasts into the Turtleback family. We are creating the groundwork for a thrilling production launch in July 2023 with much expectation.

Coster and his team were excited to exhibit Turtleback Trailers at Overland Expo® West and Pacific Northwest as soon as the acquisition was made.
The Herd will gather at a number of overland expos in the future, including SEMA and Overland Expo East.

Wil-Ro, Inc., with its more than 50 years of competence in manufacturing, is in a good position to take Turtleback Trailers forward. The first deliveries from the new Tennessee headquarters are anticipated to arrive between October and December 2023, and production is slated to begin in the summer of 2023.

For Q4 2023 delivery, the Turtleback Trailers sales staff is currently accepting orders, assuring a smooth transition and unbroken customer support.

Turtleback Trailers information

Turtleback Trailers, a renowned maker of overland and adventure trailers, was founded in 2013. Turtleback Trailers creates tough, dependable, and adaptable trailers that are tailored to the specific requirements of outdoor enthusiasts because they have a deep enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Turtleback Trailers, renowned for its high quality and cutting-edge features, captures the spirit of American exploration. Go to to learn more about Take Life Outside.

Regarding Wil-Ro, Inc.

Wil-Ro, Inc. has been making high-quality truck bodies and trailers in the United States since 1973 for use in farming, transportation, landscaping, and construction.
Premier truck bodies and trailers from Wil-Ro are available in a range of conventional models and customized layouts to suit the requirements of clients and distributor partners around the country. Wil-Ro, with its corporate headquarters in Gallatin, Tennessee, places a significant emphasis on workmanship and people, fostering age-old manufacturing techniques to produce the strongest, most durable truck beds and trailers in the business.
Wil-Ro is a Veteran-owned American company that was created in the crucible of the American spirit.


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