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‘We cannot save the world by playing by the rules’: Greta Thunberg fined at climate protest

Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, was fined for defying a police order to leave a rally last month.

Thunberg was accused with failing to leave the site after being instructed to do so by police, and prosecutors claimed the Malmö demonstration had disrupted traffic.

Despite admitting to disobeying the police order, 20-year-old Thunberg entered a not-guilty plea, claiming that her actions were motivated by "necessity" and the urgent need to address the climate crisis. The goal of the demonstration in June was to prevent oil tankers from entering and leaving the Malmö harbor.

She testified before the Malmö court, saying, "I believe that we are in an emergency that threatens life, health, and property."

"I want to deny the crime," you say. "It's true that I was in that location on that day, and it's true that I got an order that I didn't follow."

Thuberg uploaded pictures and a caption to Instagram during the protest, writing: "The climate issue is already a matter of life and death for numerous people. Instead of standing by and doing nothing, we decide to physically disrupt the fossil fuel infrastructure.

Thunberg was told to pay a $144 fine over 30 days in the form of 50 Swedish krona fines.

Hours after receiving the fine, Thunberg participated in another protest but was forced to leave with a number of other activists by police. She assured the media that she would not back down.

We are aware that following the law will not be enough to preserve the world because the laws need to be altered, she stated.

It is ludicrous to make those who follow scientific principles pay a fee.



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through Madeline Hislop
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