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Actor and comedian RS Shivaji dies at 66


On Saturday morning in Chennai, popular actor and comedian RS Shivaji passed away. He was 66 years old. Shivaji was the brother of actor and director Santhana Bharathi and the son of actor and producer MR Santhanam.

Shivaji is most known for frequently appearing in Kamal Haasan movies like Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Vikram, Sathya, and Anbe Sivam. However, Shivaji's breakthrough performance came in Apoorva Sagodharargal, where his comedic scenes with Janagaraj were a major success.

The actor has performed in many movies throughout the years, mostly in comedic roles before converting to supporting roles in more recent years. He has received praise from critics for his performances in the movies Gargi and Kolamavu Kokila.

In the Yogi Babu-starring movie Lucky Man, which was released last Friday, Shivaji made his final film cameo.


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