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Highlights and runs: Atlanta Braves 6-3 Los Angeles Dodgers in MLB

With two victories over Los Angeles and a stunning effort from its star Ronald Acua Jr., Atlanta almost locks up first place in the National League.
1:04 AMnine hours ago
Heyward is out on a line out to CF to end the game with three outs.
1:01 AMnine hours ago
9. Down Outman strolls
1:00 AMnine hours ago
Hernandez is out on a line out to RF for the ninth out.
12:55 AMnine hours ago
Busch strikes out nine times.
12:51 AMnine hours ago
Mid | Olson strikes out in the ninth inning
12:49 AMnine hours ago
Riley's strikeout at number nine
12:49 AMnine hours ago
Albies pops out with a fly out to LF, one out, at 9-Up.
12:45 AMnine hours ago
8th inning strikeout for Taylor; game over
12:40 AMnine hours ago
Amed Rosario's single with eight down.
12:38 AMnine hours ago
8 -- Down, Smith should walk
12:38 AMnine hours ago
12:35 AMnine hours ago
With two men on base with the score 8-down, pinch hitter David Peralta strikes out. 2 outs.
12:29 AMnine hours ago
8- Down by Outman Single
12:28 AMnine hours ago
8-Down Hernandez pops out to 1B, recording an out.
12:23 AMnine hours ago
Mid | 8th Inning 3 outs; Acuna hits into double play.
12:20 AMnine hours ago
8-Up Harris records a strikeout
12:19 AMnine hours ago
8-Up Arcia singles with the bases loaded.
12:16 AMnine hours ago
Rosario hits an 8-up single, and Ozuna scores.
12:15 AMnine hours ago
d'Arnaud's "8- Up" single
12:12 AMnine hours ago
Ozuna's "8-Up Double"
12:12 AMnine hours ago
8- Up
Ryan Brasier was replaced by Gus Varland in the circle.
Max Muncy, who was hitting sixth and playing third base, was replaced on defense by Michael Busch.

12:10 AMnine hours ago
Muncy hit a grounder to finish the seventh inning.
12:07 AMnine hours ago
7. Down the Street for Taylor
12:04 AMnine hours ago
Single by Amed Rosario at 7-Down.
12:01 AM10-hour period
7- Smith receives a down strikeout
12:00 AM10-hour period
7- Freeman receives a down strikeout
11:56 PM10-hour period
Mid | 7 Inning, 3 outs; Olson pops out to 3B.
11:55 PM10-hour period
Albies and Riley both ground out to first base to start the inning, giving the Braves two outs.
11:54 PM10-hour period
Ryan Brasier replaces Caleb Ferguson in position seven.
11:53 PM10-hour period
End | Betts strikes out in the sixth inning
11:49 PM10-hour period
Rojas hits into a double play, getting two outs.
11:46 PM10-hour period
Down Outman was given a walk.
11:45 PM10-hour period
Mid | 6 Inning Acuna had 3 outs after grounding out with a fly out to center field.
11:41 PM10-hour period
Harris's 6-Up Single
11:40 PM10-hour period
6- Rosario and Arcia successfully induced groundballs to the infield to end a string of runners. 2 outs.
11:35 PM10-hour period
6- Pitching change for Alta: Caleb Ferguson takes over for Julio Urias.
11:34 PM10-hour period
End | Fifth inning, Hernandez grounded out to third base, three outs.
11:33 PM10-hour period
5-Down Muncy pops out to RF for a line out and two outs.
11:32 PM10-hour period
Taylor pops out on a line drive to center field with the score 5-1.
11:28 PM10-hour period
D'Arnaud hits into a double play in the mid-5th inning.
11:26 PM10-hour period
Ozuna singled, Riley to 3B, and Albies scored as a result.
11:25 PM10-hour period
5-Up Olson pops out with a fly out to 2B, recording one out.
11:24 PM10-hour period
Albies singles to third base, Riley doubles to make it 5-1, and Acuna scores the fourth run.
11:22 PM10-hour period
5. Acuna Jr. now has 63 stolen bases on the year.
11:21 PM10-hour period
Albies's 5-Up Single
11:20 PM10-hour period
Double of five by Acuna Jr.
11:15 PM10-hour period
Amed Rosario strikes out four times to end the inning.
11:13 PM10-hour period
When Smith hits into a double play, there are two outs.
11:12 PM10-hour period
Down Single by Freeman (#4)
11:08 PM10-hour period
Arcia and Harris fly out on balls to the box to conclude the top of the fourth inning, giving the Braves a 3-0 lead.
11:05 PM10-hour period
4-Up Rosario strikes out
11:04 PMeleven hours ago
4- On a mistake, D'Arnaud reached up.
11:03 PMeleven hours ago
11:00 PMeleven hours ago
Betts pops out with a line out to center field, ending the third inning.


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