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Tom Holland Wishes Girlfriend Zendaya Happy Birthday with Sweet Posts: 'My Birthday Girl'

For Zendaya, Tom Holland is commemorating another year around the sun!

On Friday, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor posted two sweet pictures to his Instagram Story to wish his girlfriend and fellow Marvel cast member a happy birthday.

In the first picture, Zendaya is seen giving the camera a thumbs up while wearing full snorkeling gear. 27-year-old Holland captioned the photo, "My birthday girl," and included a heart-eyes emoji.

The second photo featured the actress from behind as she walked two dogs through a park, her hair flying in the breeze, and was accompanied by three heart-eye emojis.

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Tom Holland sends sweet birthday wishes to his girlfriend Zendaya on social media. Instagram/TOM HOLLAND
Celebrating the actress' 26th birthday in New York City with Zendaya and Tom Holland
Back in June, Zendaya sent Holland a series of pictures of her boyfriend along with a series of adoring emojis to celebrate her birthday.

In a photo taken as he posed on a bluff overlooking a vast sea, the Uncharted actor was beaming from ear to ear. Another image showed Holland swimming in the water while forming the shape of a heart with his hands.

The Emmy-winning Euphoria actor returned the affection by tagging the pictures with, respectively, a red heart and a heart-eyed emoji.

The birthday boy joked that the photograph of him wearing blue boardshorts and a helmet was "possibly the sexiest picture" ever shot of him on his social media page, thanking his friends and followers "for all the wonderful birthday messages" in the post's caption. He cheekily added the hashtag "#sexiestmanalive" to the end of the caption.

Zendaya quickly entered the discussion to post, "."

Zendaya with Tom Holland
On December 10, 2021, Tom Holland and Zendaya will appear at a SiriusXM Town Hall in New York City. GETTY/CINDY ORD
When they visit an Oakland school, Zendaya and Tom Holland display their basketball prowess.
The birthday girl recently opened up to Elle for the publication's September 2023 edition, where she spoke about the interest in her relationship with Holland and her upcoming film Challengers.

I understand that some aspects of my life will be made public, Zendaya remarked. "I can't not be a person and still live my life and love the one I love."

She added, "But I do have choice over what I choose to post. It's about keeping the peace, claiming what is yours, and not being scared to be yourself.

You cannot hide, the actress continued. That's also not enjoyable. Now more than ever, I am navigating it.


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