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A man is dead after a gender reveal stunt involving an airplane ended in a fatal crash

A catastrophic plane crash was reported in Mexico following a poorly executed gender reveal prank.
A viral video captures the moment the plane's wing separates as it passes over the expecting couple and a crowd.

During a gender reveal celebration on Sunday in Mexico, a plane that was part of the event crashed, killing the pilot as he flew over the delighted audience.

In a widely shared video of the occasion, an airplane is seen passing over colorful pink and blue balloons and a sign that reads "Oh Baby," while leaving pink smoke in its wake to indicate the couple is expecting a girl.

According to a video with more than 12 million views posted on X (previously known as Twitter), one wing can be seen splitting from the jet as it soars away from the crowd and tailspins out of control as the couple embraces and the guests cheer.

Local authorities told CNN that the pilot was given medical attention on the spot before being taken to the hospital, where he eventually passed away.

A gender reveal party is a trendy trend in which expectant parents inform friends and relatives of their pregnancy by employing blue or pink décor that unexpectedly and occasionally dramatically appear. Examples include cutting into a cake to reveal pink or blue frosting inside or popping balloons to release confetti that matches the color of the balloon.