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IAEA ‘regrets’ lack of Iranian cooperation; stockpile of 60% enriched uranium grows

by Mohammad Eslami (R), the head of Iran's nuclear agency (KHAMENEI.IR / AFP)
Austria — The UN nuclear watchdog expressed regret on Monday that Iran has made "no progress" on unresolved issues, including adding more cameras to monitor Tehran's nuclear program.

Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), "requests Iran to work with the agency in earnest and in a sustained way towards the fulfillment of the commitments," the IAEA stated in a private report seen by AFP.

In March, Tehran promised to turn back on monitoring systems that had been deactivated in June 2022 because to poor ties with the West.

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In a different report, which AFP was also given access to, the IAEA stated that while Iran's total stockpile of enriched uranium had decreased from May, it was still more than 18 times the cap established in a 2015 agreement between Tehran and major world powers.

According to the CIA, Iran's entire stockpile of enriched uranium was estimated to be 3,795.5 kilograms (8,367.7 pounds) as of August 19, down from 949 kilograms in May.