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Las Vegas residents dry out after heavy rainfall and floods

Residents of Las Vegas were drying out on Sunday following two days of torrential rain that caused streets to flood, necessitated numerous water rescues, closed down a section of Interstate 15 south of the city, and may have even resulted in at least one death.

Strong gusts and hail are expected as the storm activity moves out of eastern Clark county, according to a severe weather outlook from the National Weather Service in Las Vegas.

According to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, the recent severe rains led to 24 water rescues, including more than 30 vehicles submerged in water and approximately a dozen persons pulled from either standing water or moving water.

According to KSNV, on Saturday morning, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue discovered the body of a person they suspect drowned in northwest Las Vegas after witnesses claimed they saw them being swept away by flowing water. Authorities delayed releasing the person's identify and the reason of death.

At the Nevada location of the Black Rock festival, mud is covering the ground.
Officials look into Burning Man death as thousands are left stranded by floodwaters.
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According to data from the Clark County Regional Flood Control District, some locations in and around Las Vegas received more than 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) of rain during the past two days.

According to the meteorological service, Las Vegas might receive up to 3.9 inches (9.9 cm) of rain in 2023, which is 1.2 inches (3 cm) above average and only 0.19 inches (0.48 cm) below the city's average annual precipitation.

The American Red Cross of southern Nevada organized its personnel and volunteers to assist locals as a result of the flooding. The Red Cross is collaborating with neighborhood fire departments and emergency management teams to provide assistance, according to reporting from KSNV.

Last month's Tropical Storm Hilary had already pounded the city with rain, covering the Las Vegas Strip and forcing multiple water rescues.

The intense downpour in Las Vegas has flooded streets and walkways and shut down all lanes of I-15 south of Jean. However, authorities said that all lanes of the road were available once more late on Saturday night.

Officials also restricted access to the Black Rock desert, where the Burning Man festival was taking place, as a result of the severe rains. Festival organizers advised attendees to limit their consumption of food, water, and fuel because the roads were still "too wet and muddy" to reopen. The cause of a death that happened at the festival is being looked into.

According to the weather service, a flood watch was in place for parts of eastern, north central, northeast, and south central Nevada into Monday AM.