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AFG 129-4 (20) | SL VS AFG, Asia Cup 2023 Cricket LIVE Score and Updates: AFG 4 Down

After 50 overs, Sri Lanka has scored 291 runs against Afghanistan. The sixth match of the 2023 Asia Cup is now taking place at Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium between the two sides. Any team can be eliminated from the tournament with a significant loss, therefore Afghanistan is under extreme pressure to maintain their Super Four qualification status.

Despite being without a few important players from their starting lineup, Dasun Shanaka-led Lanka played well in their opening match, defeating Bangladesh in style. To remain in this match, Afghanistan must chase a target of at least 300 (assuming Sri Lanka sets it), and if they do, they must defeat Sri Lanka by at least 237 runs.

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Check HERE for LIVE Scores and Updates from the Asia Cup 2023 match between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

September 5, 2023
20:46 PM
Asia Cup 2023: LIVE Score AFG versus SL: AFG 4 Down
Rajitha makes a move! In this game, Rahmat's ejection came off as mild. The delivery moved more slowly and was a length behind. Rahmat made an early attempt at a lofted shot that connected precisely with mid-on, leaving him looking shocked and unhappy. Rahmat leaves despite his promising performance. Pathirana c Rajitha b Rahmat 45(40) [4s-5 6s-1].

AFG 128/4 (19.5) CRR: 6.45 REQ: 5.44 LIVE Score
The Afghans require 164 runs.

20:39 PM
AFG vs. SL Asia Cup 2023 LIVE Scoring: SL Look For Wickets
Theekshana bowled a variety of shots. With a late cut, Shahidi scored a single and a boundary. Rahmat singled and Shahidi drove for two more runs in the same over. A failed yorker brought the over to an end. Shahidi scored three runs in Rajitha's previous over, then Rahmat hit a four-run home run with an edge over backward point. Rahmat's thigh pad delivered a single to conclude the over.

AFG 121/3 (18.3) CRR: 6.54 REQ: 5.43 LIVE Score
Afghanistan must score 171 runs.

20:28 PM
A variety of balls were given by Theekshana and Pathirana. Rahmat punched one to long-off, Shahidi steered to backward point, and Shahidi managed two runs with a pull shot. With a top-edged sweep for four, Shahidi struck lucky. Later, Shahidi mistimed a slog to mid-wicket but still managed to get a run, while Rahmat batted and missed a slower ball. A dipping slower ball yorker that just missed the off-stump marked the conclusion of the over.

AFG 101/3 (16) CRR: 6.31 REQ: 5.62 LIVE Score
Afghanistan must score 191 runs.

20:17 PM
LIVE Asia Cup 2023 Score: Sri Lanka is the winner.
Rajitha had a big impact by removing both of Afghanistan's openers. Prior to Pathirana ending Naib's time at the crease, the batsman was on track for a successful innings and showed a determined approach. Rahmat Shah, meantime, has been in excellent form, captivating onlookers with his graceful strokes and perfect timing.

AFG 92/3 (14) CRR: 6.57 REQ: 5.56 LIVE Score
Afghanistan must score 200 runs.

19:50 PM
Asia Cup 2023: LIVE Score AFG versus SL: AFG 3 Down
Gulbadin is defeated by Pathirana with a lbw. Three reds on HawkEye validated the choice notwithstanding Gulbadin's evaluation. Pathirana made contact with the ball immediately, stunning Gulbadin with his speed and movement. The batter was hitting middle when he finally brought his bat down. Gulbadin left for position 22 (16).

AFG 50/3 (8.1) CRR: 6.12 REQ: 5.78 LIVE Score

19:45 PM
Asia Cup 2023 LIVE Score: AFG Need Partnership vs. SL
Wellalage threw a variety of balls. Gulbadin struck a one-bounce four off a flighted ball after mistiming a lofted stroke and managing a single on a slower full delivery. He also blocked a straighter throw and collected a few through backward square legs. Rahmat Shah played a lovely cover drive off the front foot to welcome Wellalage with a boundary. The bowler was Kasun Rajitha, who had previously claimed two wickets. Rahmat Shah's perfectly timed cover drive was one of several boundaries Rajitha bowled in his over.

AFG 50/2 (8) CRR: 6.25 REQ: 5.76 LIVE Score
Afghanistan must score 242 runs.

19:35 PM
LIVE Asia Cup 2023 Score: Sri Lanka is the winner.
Another attack by Rajitha! He throws a fuller-length ball outside off at a pace of 137kph. Ibrahim Zadran makes an ill-advised drive attempt that results in an inside edge that causes the ball to crash through his stumps. Afghanistan suffers a second opening defeat. Ibrahim Zadran leaves the game after 14 balls for 7 runs, one of which was a boundary.

AFG 28/2 (5.4) CRR: 4.94 REQ: 5.95 LIVE Score
The Afghans require 264 runs.

19:28 PM
AFG Rebuild: Asia Cup 2023 LIVE Score AFG vs. SL
Ibrahim Zadran and Gulbadin only managed singles and no boundaries due to Theekshana's tight bowling. A wide was given up, adding 8 runs to the over. Rajitha then delivered two dot balls after allowing Gulbadin to score two consecutive boundaries in the next over—a four and a six.

AFG 22/1 (4) LIVE Score CRR: 5.5 REQ: 5.87
Afghanistan must score 270 runs.

19:17 PM
AFG Trails SL, 1–0, in the Asia Cup 2023 LIVE Score.
Gurbaz leaves! At 138 kph, Rajitha swings an entire delivery outside off. Gurbaz swings recklessly and without using his feet, losing balance and edge the ball. Rajitha makes a quick out thanks to a straightforward catch by Kusal Mendis behind the stumps. With a boundary and 4 runs off of 8 balls, Gurbaz leaves the field.

AFG 10/1 (2.2) CRR: 4.29 REQ: 5.92 LIVE Score
Afghanistan must score 282 runs.

19:06 PM
Asia Cup 2023: LIVE Score AFG vs. SL: AFG Look To Good Start
Gurbaz received a variety of bowls from Rajitha. With a powerful hit on the fifth ball, Gurbaz was able to score a boundary. The fourth ball presented a fielding opportunity, but the fielder was unable to hang onto it. Overall, the match got off to an interesting start with a variety of deliveries.

AFG 4/0 (1) CRR: 4 REQ: 5.88 LIVE Score
The Afghans require 288 runs.

18:33 PM
Sri Lanka posts 291 in the live SL vs. AFG score.
After a strong start from their openers, Sri Lanka had scored 291 runs, and from then on, Kusal Mendis and Charith Asalanka sailed through the middle overs. Rashid Khan eventually created some trouble as was expected, but Theekshana and Wellalage eventually put together a 64-run partnership for the eighth wicket.

(50 Overs) SL: 291/8

18:22 PM
Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka live score: Farooqi is introduced
With 23 runs off of 33 balls and three fours thus far, Dunith Wellalage is the man to lead. There are currently only 12 balls left for Sri Lanka. The final five overs will be bowled by Fazalhaq Farooqi.

257-7 (48 Overs), SL

18:14 PM
SL versus AFG Live Score: Lanka aiming for 300
Theekshana and Wellalage are Sri Lanka's middle-order batsmen, and they are aiming for 300 runs. He was introduced to the attack for Afghanistan and has already claimed three wickets in his eight overs.

257-7 (46 Overs), SL

18:05 PM
SL versus AFG LIVE: Lanka aiming for 300
Afghanistan wants to dismiss Sri Lanka before the allotted 50 overs despite their desire for a total close to 300 runs. With three wickets, Lanka has 36 balls left.

248/7 (44 Overs), SL

17:57 PM
Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka live score: SL 7 down
The situation for Sri Lanka, who is currently seven down after losing four wickets so quickly, does not appear good.

42 Overs; SL: 243/7

17:50 PM
Rashid saves the day in the live SL vs. AFG score
The situation has been reversed by Rashid Khan, who took three wickets in one over, including that of Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka, who was outclassed by the leggie.

(40 Overs) SL: 232/7

17:37 PM
AFG vs. SL LIVE Score: Sri Lanka is ahead
Kusal Mendis and Dhananjaya de Silva are currently in the middle, and Sri Lanka is completely in charge.

221/4 (38 Overs), SL

17:29 PM
Mendis is nearly a ton in the LIVE SL vs AFG Score.
Just 11 runs separate Kusal Mendis from a magnificent and richly earned hundred runs as he bats on 89 off 81 balls with 3 sixes and 6 fours.

209/4 (36 Overs), SL

17:17 PM
Wicket is the LIVE SL vs. AFG scorer!
Afghanistan finally ends the partnership when Rashid Khan catches and bowls Charith Asalanka, but the dangerous Mendis is still in the middle, scoring 75 off 74.

34 Overs; SL: 189/4

17:08 PM
Mendis is on fire in the live Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan score.
Both hitters are gliding their team to a respectable total with singles and doubles, while Kusal Mendis is hitting in excellent rhythm in the middle.

SL (32 Overs): 174/3

16:58 PM
Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka live score: 20 overs remain
With only 20 over remaining, Sri Lanka is in a strong position with seven wickets remaining. They'll probably number close to 300 by this point.

30 Overs; SL: 167/3

16:49 PM
Mendis scores fifty in the live SL vs. AFG score.
Kusal Mendis reaches his fifty-run milestone while batting at 53 off 56 balls and five boundaries. For Afghanistan, Rashid Khan and Fazalhaq Farooqi assault the stumps.

(28 Overs) SL: 153/3

16:41 PM
Rashid sent to the cleaners in the live SL vs. AFG score
Kusal Mendis, who has hit three straight boundaries off Rashid Khan, is in a good mood as Afghanistan appears to be lost in the middle.

(SL): 141/3 (26.3 Overs)

16:34 PM
Asia Cup 2023: Live SL versus AFG: Sri Lanka returning
Sri Lanka is gradually making a comeback with a middle-ground partnership. To continue to put pressure on the opposition, Afghanistan has to quickly take several wickets.

24.2 Overs, SL: 122/3

16:25 PM
Live streaming of Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan in the 2023 Asia Cup
Asalanka and Kusal Mendis are Sri Lanka's middle-order rebuilders as Afghanistan pushes hard for wickets.

SL (21 Overs): 111/3

16:19 PM
Live Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan
Kusal Mendis and Asalanka, two new hitters, are in the middle and are attempting to form a strong combination. Afghanistan is pressing for wickets hard.

96/3 (19 Overs), SL

16:13 PM
AFG vs. SL Live Score: Another one
Sadeera Samawickrama 3 (8) was caught behind by Gurbaz off the bowling of Gulbadin. Naib claimed all three wickets.

17 Overs; SL: 86/3

16:01 PM
SL vs. AFG LIVE Score: Gone!
Pathum Nissanka 41 (40) is trapped by Gulbadin, and both openers have returned to the hut. Today, Sri Lanka is down two.

15.3 Overs, SL: 83/2

15:51 PM
SL versus AFG Live Score: Sri Lanka is down one.
Although Sri Lanka is down one, Nissanka and Mendis appear to be in good shape right now. For Afghanistan to remain in this game, they must quickly take wickets.

(13 Over) SL: 71/1

15:44 PM
AFG vs. SL Asia Cup Live Score: Gone!
Dimuth Karunaratne was bowled by Gulbadin Naib and made 32 (35), which Mohammad Nabi captured. Afghanistan finally gets the first wicket they were badly seeking.

SL: 11.1 Overs, 65/1

15:34 PM
Live Asia Cup score: Sri Lanka is ahead of Afghanistan
Sri Lanka is in strong position to win this match; their openers made a great start by batting with excellent rhythm.

56/0 (9 Overs); SL

15:27 PM
LIVE SL vs AFG: Naib is introduced
To make that initial stride forward, Gilbadin Naib from Afghanistan has been added to the attack. For Afghanistan, this fight is life or death.

(7.2 Overs) SL: 44/0

15:20 PM
LIVE: Batters looking excellent for SL vs. AFG
The batting conditions appear to be favorable so early, as both Lankan openers are off to strong starts with a few boundaries.

36/0 (5 Over), SL

15:15 PM
SL versus AFG Live Score: Sri Lanka is out to a strong start
Against Afghanistan, Pathum Nissanka and Karunaratne have helped their team get off to a strong start. For Afghanistan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Fazalhaq Farooqi attack the stumps.

15/0 (overs), SL

15:06 PM
Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka Live Score: The game has started.
Pathum Nissanka and Dimuth Karunaratne start Sri Lanka's batting, and Fazalhaq Farooqi starts Afghanistan's bowling. from the first, nine runs.

9/0 (1 Over), SL

14:35 PM
Lineups for LIVE SL versus AFG Asia Cup 2023
Rahmanullah Gurbaz (captain), Ibrahim Zadran, Rahmat Shah, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Najibullah Zadran, Mohammad Nabi, Gulbadin Naib, Karim Janat, Rashid Khan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, and Fazalhaq Farooqi make up Afghanistan's starting XI.

Pathum Nissanka, Dimuth Karunaratne, Kusal Mendis (w), Sadeera Samarawickrama, Charith Asalanka, Dhananjaya de Silva, Dasun Shanaka (c), Dunith Wellalage, Maheesh Theekshana, Kasun Rajitha, and Matheesha Pathirana make up Sri Lanka's starting XI.

14:32 PM
Live Toss Report for SL vs AFG ASIA Cup 2023
Dasun Shanaka, the captain of Sri Lanka, has won the toss and chosen to bat against Afghanistan first. There are no odds of rain today where the conflict is happening, which is Lahore, Pakistan.

13:57 PM
Asia Cup toss for live SL vs. AFG is about to begin.
The Asia Cup 2023 toss between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan is about to begin. At 230 PM (IST), the captains will leave, and the action will start at 3 PM.

13:05 PM
Live Asia Cup 2023 match between AFG and SL: Dimuth Karunaratne nearly 8,000 ODI runs
Dimuth Karunaratne, a former captain of Sri Lanka, needs 120 runs to reach 8000 runs in international cricket (7,880). Can Karunaratne do this feat today in Lahore versus Afghanistan in the Asia Cup 2023 match?

12:26 PM
LIVE Updates: Mohammad Nabi aims for 250 international wickets in Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka in the 2023 Asia Cup
Mohammad Nabi, a former captain and all-rounder for Afghanistan, needs one more victory to surpass 250 wickets in international cricket. Can Nabi accomplish this feat tonight in Asia Cup 2023 match No. 6 versus Sri Lanka?

11:45 AM
Live Asia Cup 2023 between AFG and SL: Kusal Mendis aims for great record
Kusal Mendis (2,950 runs) of Sri Lanka needs 50 runs to reach the milestone of 3,000 ODI runs. In their Asia Cup 2023 match today in Lahore, can Mendis defeat Afghanistan?

10:56 AM
Live updates for Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka in the 2023 Asia Cup can be found here.
Rashid Khan or Dasun Shanaka? Matheesh Pathirana or Ibrahim Zadran? Who should you choose for your fantasy team?

Check out the fantasy picks for Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka in the 2023 Asia Cup HERE.
10:12 AM
Asia Cup 2023: Live AFG versus SL: Sri Lanka holds the advantage in head-to-head play
In ODI cricket, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan have met ten times. Afghanistan has won three games, while Sri Lanka has won six, with one game ending in a tie. Who will win the match on Tuesday for the Asia Cup 2023?

09:04 AM
Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka has the highest win % in Lahore vs Afghanistan.
Sri Lanka has nine victories in 13 games played at Lahore. With at least ten games played at the Gaddafi Stadium, their victory percentage of 69.23% is the greatest of any team. Can Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan today and keep up their winning streak from Lahore?

08:12 AM
Asia Cup 2023 matchup between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka: Details on live streaming
At the Asia Cup 2023, Afghanistan will play Sri Lanka in a game that must be won. To be eligible for the Super 4 stages, both teams must win.

Check HERE for information on where and when to watch the Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka Asia Cup 2023 match livestream.
07:31 AM
Asia Cup 2023 match between AFG and SL: Noor Ahmad to start for Afghanistan?
Noor Ahmad of the Gujarat Titans might join Afghanistan's starting lineup for Tuesday's crucial match against Sri Lanka. Karim Janat or Gulbadin Naib might be replaced by Noor Ahmad, while the middle order could also be revitalized by the addition of Riaz Hassan.

07:04 AM
Sri Lanka is aiming to set a new world record against Afghanistan in the 2023 Asia Cup.
When Sri Lanka plays Afghanistan in their second Group B match today in Lahore, they will be looking to set a new record by winning 12 straight ODI matches, which would be a global record.

06:02 AM
AFG against SL Asia Cup 2023: Afghanistan has a difficult task
The victor of the rubber match between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka in Group B will secure their spot in the Super 4 round of the 2023 Asia Cup. However, if Afghanistan hopes to qualify by defeating Sri Lanka on net run rate, they must win by 70 runs or complete the task in 36 overs. Bangladesh has already reserved a spot in the Super 4.

01:01 AM
LIVE Afghanistan vs. Sri Lanka Asia Cup 2023 Match
Hello and welcome to the sixth game of the 2023 Asia Cup, which is also our SL vs. AFG contest. Follow our feed to stay up to date on all the critical news from today's crucial fight in Pakistan.


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