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Bambai Meri Jaan trailer: Kay Kay Menon and Avinash Tiwary face off in underworld crime drama

Trailer for Bambai Meri Jaan: In the 1960s Bombay underworld crime drama, Kay Kay Menon and Avinash Tiwary clash as father and son involved in opposing ends of the story.
The Bambai Meri Jaan trailer is now available. The makers of the brand-new series, which is being helmed by Shujaat Saudagar and features Kay Kay Menon, Avinash Tiwary, and Kritika Kamra in key roles, unveiled the series' explosive new teaser on Monday. (Read more about the following September online series: Scam 2003, Bambai Meri Jaan, The Morning Show to The Freelancer.)

On September 14, Bambai Meri Jaan will be available on Prime Video.
On September 14, Bambai Meri Jaan will be available on Prime Video.

Regarding the trailer
Bambai Meri Jaan transports audiences back to Bombay in the 1960s as it exposes a world of gang fights, weapons, and duplicity, with the relationship between a father police officer who is bound by duty and his criminal son at its center. Ismail Kadri, played by Kay Kay Menon, is an upright police officer who learns that his son Dara Kadri (played by Avinash Tiwary), has decided to pursue a career in crime. "Seher saaf karte karte mera ghar ganda ho gaya," complains the officer, bemoaning how his house has become discolored throughout the process of cleaning the city. The program then digs into the future years as the son develops into a formidable gangster.

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about the program
According to the official description of the program, "Bambai Meri Jaan follows the life of gangster Dara Kadri as seen by his father, an ex-cop named Ismail Kadri. As he develops into a ruthless, cold-blooded gangster in this season, Dara puts everything on the line, including his family, and uses his business savvy to battle not just the authorities and his rivals but also his own demons along the way.

fan responses
A viewer's reaction to the trailer was, "K.K. Menon is the most underrated "SUPERSTAR" of the Indian film industry," the commenter said. It's wonderful to see performers like Vijay Sethupathi and K.K. Menon receiving the recognition and huge roles they well deserve. At the very least, they are a hundred times better than the so-called "Rajas" and "Brothers" of one section of Indian film who keep churning out crap. "Finally Avinash Tiwary getting his due," a supporter wrote. (emoticons of fire) A top actor is on the rise. Reminds me of Sultan Mirza, according to a comment.

In addition to Kay Kay and Avinash, the movie also has supporting performances by Saurabh Sachdeva, Kritika Kamra, Nivedita Bhattacharya, and Amyra Dastur. Rensil D'Silva and Shujaat Saudagar are responsible for writing and directing Bambai Meri Jaan. On September 14, it becomes available on Prime Video.


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