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Mother Teresa Death Anniversary: Popular Quotes by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner

The Republic of Macedonia's capital city of Skopje is where Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910. She had one of the purest, most loving hearts and spent her entire life taking care of others. By giving them access to the necessities of life, including food, water, and shelter, she assisted the underprivileged and disadvantaged members of society. Mother Teresa exemplified what empathy, kindness, and love are. On September 5, 1997, she passed away.

It is vital to remember Mother Teresa and the work she performed to improve society on the anniversary of her passing. People adored her because she had one of the purest souls. She provided assistance to many destitute people and helped individuals who had leprosy, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. In addition, she received the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts. Mother Teresa was highly beloved by millions of people.


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