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Back After Udhayanidhi Stalin, DMK's A Raja calls Sanatana Dharma a social disgrace like HIV, leprosy

A Raja of the DMK branded the Sanatana Dharma controversy a societal disgrace on Thursday, adding gasoline to the fire.

Like HIV and leprosy, he said, "Sanatana Dharma is a social disgrace," and he added, "There was no social stigma attached to malaria and dengue."

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A Raja of the DMK stated on Wednesday that he was ready to respond for all cabinet members if the prime minister called a meeting and gave them permission. I will specify which is "Sanatana Dharma," and you will then make your choice.

Sanatan Dharma has come under fire following a recent statement made by Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin. He called for its eradication and linked it to ailments like dengue and malaria. Despite receiving criticism, he hasn't backtracked or expressed regret for his statements.

Udhayanidhi Stalin clarifies his stance by saying that he is not against Hinduism.
Later, Udhayanidhi made it clear that he was criticizing Sanatan Dharma, not Hinduism as a whole, and specifically the caste-based social structure it upholds.

When questioned about similar incidents in the past, the head of the DMK said that President Draupadi Murmu's exclusion from the new parliament building's inaugural ceremony served as the best example of discrimination in the present.

The best example at the moment, he claimed, was when President Droupadi Murmu was not invited to the groundbreaking for the new Parliament building.

It is appropriate to respond: PM Modi
PM Narendra Modi brought up the subject during his meeting with Cabinet ministers on Wednesday. Sources claim that the prime minister advised ministers to respond appropriately to the Sanatana Dharma debate and refute the opposition with facts.

Notably, the BJP has demanded an apology from the DMK officials and has even asserted that the opposition bloc conference in Mumbai last month included discussion of a "anti-Satan" agenda.