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Diarrhea ‘All The Way Through’ Airplane Forces Delta Flight To Do U-Turn

There's flying while ill with the stomach flu. There's flying while ill with the stomach flu. Having diarrhea "all the way through" an airplane is another option. This most recent circumstance was what compelled Delta Air Lines Flight 194 to make an unforeseen U-turn, or possibly a eww-turn, last Friday.

On September 1, that Airbus A350 was flying 336 people from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Barcelona, Spain. A Delta representative later referred to one of these passengers' symptoms as "an onboard medical issue" and stated that they started shortly after takeoff. According to reports, that traveler had some diarrhea. But this involved more than just a little diarrhoea. This involved a lot of diarrhea, which covered much of the cabin in feces.

And certain fragrant candles and incense can't just easily cover up such a significant volume of diarrhea. Even if you can make it smell like vanilla or morning dew, it could still be dangerous for the other passengers and workers. The following tweet (or perhaps X) actually contained what was purported to be an FAA flight strip recording of a pilot saying, "It's just a biohazard issue, we had a passenger who had diarrhea all the way through the airplane so they want us to come back to Atlanta," about two hours into the flight while the aircraft was still flying over Virginia:


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